Free Blacks Society


  1. Founded in April of 1775

  2. 1847 census of blacks in Philadelphia for reading and writing

  3. PAS had opened multiple schools for blacks


  1. The Schools were supported for black students to the public.

  2. Clarkson Hall built the first school.

  3. The schools were built for blacks only.

  4. They built the schools small because there weren't that many students.

  5. There were two types of schools,one for public and one for Private.


  1. The PAS wanted blacks to have the equal rights to earn money and have jobs.

  2. The majority of jobs were domestic and labor.

  3. There are little blacks who are farmers.

  4. There were more opportunities for the natives than the. immigrants of the country.

  5. Females jobs consist more of maids and domestic work.

  6. Male jobs consist more of labor work.


  1. Allowed blacks to see what it was like to do the things white people did

  2. Allowed black children to be able to attend school; established their own schools

  3. Supported multiple colleges

  4. Provides scholarships for blacks to this day

Taking Action

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