How The Wolf Got Its Howl

A Story On How The Wolf Got Its Howl

One fine morning in the middle of the spring a pack of wolves were hunting. The sun was just now rising and there was a slight mist. The pack was stalking a decent sized buck. One of the wolves decided to wander away from the pack to look for her own food. She contemplated if she wanted to go to the forest or the river first, she chose the river. While trying to cross the wolf fell in. Now freezing she decided to go to the forest.

The wolf go so far away from her pack she didn't know where she was. As the sun started to set she chose to take shelter for the night.

At the other side of the forest her pack started to look for her. Also with no luck they decided to start heading back for the night. One of the wolves heard a slight call of some sort coming from the other side of the forest. The pack started to follow the noise, leading them to the lost wolf. The wolf who first heard it asked what the lost wolf called her sound, and the lost wolf replied with, "I call it a howl."

And that is how the wolf got its howl.

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