Get Northampton to the Finish Line!

Help your local students win the first ever EV competition!

Help Northampton Win!

Northampton students are participating in an electric vehicle competition that will take place in Richmond, Virginia. These high school students are working tirelessly to make an electric vehicle that is the fastest and will go the farthest of all of the participating schools.

Our Goal and Purpose

Local high school students are trying to create an electric vehicle that is has the best efficiency, design, oral presentation, range, acceleration and handling, and speed. This is a great learning experience for the students and teachers of Northampton and we believe these talented individuals can push their way to first place in the competition.

We Need You!

We need your help to build and drive our way to victory! Your donations would be greatly appreciated! Our goal is to raise $10,000 to help us create our vehicle and race it in Richmond. Each dollar will make Northampton one step closer to winning the EV Grand Prix.

Contact Us!

Call Eric Ryan and Harold Miller at: (123)-456-7890

You can also find us at Northampton-East High School at 123 Northampton Street.

Thank you!