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Norfolk Junior High School

Makenna Brown

Egg Catastrophe

It all started at around 8:30 on the night of April 12, 2012, when Humpty Dumpty was walking through the small village. Humpty Dumpty came upon a man breaking into a house. Then when the man saw him, he started chasing Humpty Dumty. When the police saw the man chasing Humpty Dumpty, the police started chasing the man. Then suddenly, Humpty Dumpty made a wrong turn into an alley and had to think fast. Humpty Dumpty decided to climb the wall, and when he got up there, he saw the man who was chasing him, and then the police catching him and taking him away. When Humpty Dumpty was trying to get down safely he slipped and fell, then the guards heard a loud crash. When they looked behind them, they saw Humpty Dumpty spread out on the ground in a million pieces. They had to think fast! They tried to put him back together and couldn’t do it, so now Humpty Dumpty is in Immediate Care at the hospital trying to be put back together again.

Nebraska's Annual Red/White Scrimmage

The Huskers, the tenth ranked volleyball team in America, started off in their annual game, The Red/White Scrimmage, at the Devaney Center, playing against NU. They were playing in front of the sellout crowd of 8,243. In the beginning of the game Kelsey Fien and Morgan Broekhuis led the night off with 12 kills. But, just in the first set Fien led with 5 kills and the Huskers had 11 digs. But still with all those kills and digs NU still won the first set with a score of 25-19. Then in the second set Meghan Haggerty and Broekhuis had 4 kills in that set. Then at the end of that set NU won that set with the score of 25-17. Then finally in the third set Haggerty and Broekhuis both had 4 kills each and the team posted 15 digs and 3 blocks in the same set. But still NU won the third set by 25-22 and they won the game. But even though the Huskers lost you can still watch some more action at their next games. So with that their next game is going to be Friday, August 30, and they will be playing against Louisiana-Monroe in Saint Louis, Mo. Finally, if you want to catch more action here's a heads up, they will be playing 20 more games at the Devaney Center and 11 more games out-of-state.

Safe Haven

In Safe Haven a woman (Erin/Julianne Hough) flees from her house in search of a new life after she was caught in possession of a bloody knife. Then later she was caught with her hair cut short and it was bleached. She also had a bus ticket to a small town in North Carolina called Southport. When she gets there she buys a house on the edge of town and meets her neighbor Jo(Cobie Smulders), who introduces her to Alex, Lexie, and Josh Wheatley. Alex falls in love with Erin, who changed her name to Katie, and when she tries to run away he stops her and brings her back. Then her husband comes and gets her and when she wouldn’t, (Kevin/David Lyons) he spills gas all around the house. Then when Katie saw him she said she would go with him. And when they were walking away a spark from a firework, from the Fourth of July Celebration, falls on the house and the house catches on fire. The house burns down, Katie’s husband goes to jail and Katie(Julianne Hough), Alex(Josh Duhamel), Lexie(Mimi Kirkland), and Josh(Noah Lomax) end up living together.

I liked the movie because I’ve always been interested in romance movies and love that there was a little drama mixed in with the romance.

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Favorite App

My favorite app is Pandora Radio because I can listen to music, while I'm playing a game or just searching the web. You can also create different radios to listen to a certain kind of music or a certain singer you like. Finally, you just create like a today's top hits radio that plays all the latest songs and hits. Also, you can skip the song if you don't like it, and then it will play a different song and you can vote the song as a thumbs up or thumbs down.

My Autobiography

My life after junior high started with going to Norfolk High School. I did Choir, Band, Student Council, Volleyball, and Basketball. Also my first job was working at Dairy Queen in Norfolk. Then after I graduated I went to the University of Michigan for college and I majored in interior design. Then after I graduated I got married and had two boys and two girls. Right now we all live in Chicago together in a six bedroom, four bath apartment near the water. I also own my own interior designing business in the heart of Chicago. My hobbies are scrapbooking, tending my own rooftop garden and running with my husband. Finally, I have already traveled to New York City and I’m planning to travel to Italy in the next year or so. I’m also planning on keeping my business alive and I don’t plan on retiring till I absolutely can’t work anymore.

Homework is Necessary

I think we should have homework because then you can understand the topic better. Also then you know who to do the topic on your own instead of with the teacher giving you the answers. Then if you know who to do the topic then you will be better of in life. Also if you know to do the topic by yourself then you will get into a good college and a good job when you get older. And homework is really good to have because you are taught responsibility because you have to turn it back in eventually. Finally homework is good for you because then you can read better because you are reading the questions and then you can write better because you are writing your answers.