allow me to introduce myself

BY: Kentrell Roy

Favorite sport and Team

My favorite sport is football its always been one of my favorite sport since i was little My favorite team is New York Giants.
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Things about me

I was born on the best day ever my birthday is on February 14, 2002 and i was born in Henderson, TX. My mothers name is Sabrina she is really the only parent i like. I have two siblings one i seventh grade the other is in fifth i really love the even though they drive me crazy sometimes but they're fun to hang around with.

Favorite movie

My favorite movie is fast and furious i like paul walker he is my favorite actor in those movies.
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Favorite music and artist

My favorite music is R&B and Hip Hop and my favorite artist is future he is a good rapper to me i like how his music sounds.
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Best restaurant

The best restaurant to me is applebee's i always liked going there with my family we have fun going there.
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Favorite player

Odell Beckham jr.
Odell Beckham Jr Highlights 2015-2016 ||HD||

favorite colors

My favorite color is purple and blue.
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Favorite store

My favorite store is the mall it has stores in there i like to go to and shop for clothes and shoes.
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I have two pitbulls blue nose and red nose one is a boy the other is a girl soon i will have puppies.
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Favorite book

My favorite book is the boxcar children i have always liked those books i read all series of those books and still read them from time to time.
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