Green town

Daily News Paper - 1928


Francine and Lavinia were walking to the movie theatre one late afternoon. Knowing that the Lonely One was out to kill someone. Both were frightened to walk to the theatre, but with mch courage they did so. Francine was really worried.

As they were walking both of the ladies stumbled upon a young dead body who is later recognized as Elizabeth Ramsell. They were both astonished. After a whole, Francine seemed like she was traumatized from the incident. She was scared that the lonely one was going to kill someone else that she knew.

Gossip Column by Mr. Brown

My dear wife is trying to run for president of the Honey Suckle Ladies Lodge. her rival Claira Goodwater is causing her numerous small accidents. She thinks that Claira is using witchcraft for her multiple runs of president of the lodge and has won all of then. She thinks that because I had told her that Claira had gotten some witchcraft books in the mail. Claira is trying to convince Elmira that the books are for a young relative and that Elmira's accidents are caused by her own clumsiness. Elmira brews a potion for herself to go against Claira's "dark magic", and brings Tom with her the Lodge as her "charm". After Elmira had drunk the potion she fell down and the people didn't know if it was caused by a mental disorder or nausea. Claira won the election anyways even though Elmira tried to prevent it.