No dress code

The kids bill of rights


The kids bill of rights should include no dress code for schools. It will be easier on parents for shopping for clothes, you can focus better when your comfortable, teachers will have less weight on their shoulders trying to dress code kids,less behavior card marks, easier/faster to get ready in the morning. 21/100 people say we should have a dress code but 79/100 people say schools should have no dress code. Teachers and parents everywhere tell us that education comes first, but when it comes down to it, schools act like dress code is number one. But if a student does wear something that is too inappropriate, the student will call home for a change of clothes. If none are supplied, the office will lend extra clothes to the student.

Easier on parents for shopping

When parents go shopping it's hard to find cloths that wil fit right when the kid is not around to try it on. Parents and students might not know the dress code thoroughly and buy the wrong thing. If a student and/ or a parent goes shopping, they might not have memorized the dress code and might buy the wrong thing, and have to go return it. They would also have to buy more clothes for when we are not in school and when we're in school. Sometimes my parents buy me clothes for school but it doesn't meet the dress code, so they have to return it.
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You can focus better when your comfortable

If you You have no dress code, you have the accessibility to take jackets and such off and on throughout the day. Less adjusting in your clothes during class and risking disrupting the class. When we come to school, temperature is a big deal for a lot of us. It might be hot inside and cold outside, so we come to school with a sweatshirt on & might want to take it off inside, but what we have underneath might not fit the dress code. We didn't know the temperature inside the school. Only outside of it .What will we do then?
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Teachers will be able to teach more

Teachers every day are constantly looking for students that are breaking dress code. And what we've noticed a lot are teachers out of the classroom due to kids breaking the dress code, either calling home or sending kids to ISS .If we have no dress code teachers can get back to what most important, teaching.

Easier/ faster for kids to get ready in the morning

Students spend a lot of time picking out their outfits each morning and a lot of students don't have the time to pick out an outfit at night because of homework and extra curricular activities , but with the dress code removed, will we have more time in the morning. You might lose track of time picking out an outfit and be late for school or miss the bus. It would also be easier too because we can pick out any outfit we want easily.
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Less stress

There would be less stress on teachers and students about dress code. Both teachers and students stress everyday about if what they're wearing meets the dress code or not. But with no dress code, we will focus mainly on school. You might think parents can drive the student in but many parents leave for work in the morning. Their is less pressure and stress on the students and parents if students will get ready in time.


These reasons (Less stress, easier/faster to get ready in the morning, teachers can teach more,you can focus better when you're comfortable, easier on parents for shopping) concludes why Logan, Maddie, and Olivia say that there should be no dress code.