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October 26, 2020

A Message from the Principal

This week we will begin implementing iReady lessons schoolwide during our eLearning Wednesdays. These skill-building lessons are designed to supplement curricula students are being given on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Students, we ask that you spend thirty minutes each on the iReady math and reading lessons. You may also work on these lessons on the weekend, if it is more convenient for you. One of your core teachers (math, social studies, language art or math) will talk to you about the iReady program, if he or she has not done so already.

Please see the flyer contained in this newsletter regarding iReady. Our language arts department chair, Ms. Foss, and our math department chair, Ms. Dunham-Bay, have compiled the information below for this curriculum:

iReady Flyer

Announcement for Students

iReady and eLearning Wednesdays

Students, as a part of your eLearning work on Wednesdays it is expected that you will spend at least 30 minutes completing iReady lessons in math, and at least 30 minutes completing iReady lessons in reading.

We know that you don’t have both of those classes this quarter. However, it is important that you continue to develop and practice your skills in both math and reading in order to be prepared for and to progress in all classes.

Accessing iReady on Wednesdays

Go to

Select Students

Select Clever

Select iReady (multi-colored cube icon)

Select Math

Select Teacher assigned lessons first (left), then My Path (right)

Select Reading

Select Teacher assigned lessons first (left), then My Path (right)

Work for at least 30 minutes on each subject.

*New students may still need to complete the iReady Diagnostic test. If that applies to you, follow the steps above and instead of My Path, you will begin by selecting the Reading Diagnostic one Wednesday and the Math Diagnostic another Wednesday (please don’t do both diagnostics on the same day). Once the diagnostics are complete, you will have practice available on iReady.

Announcement for Parents

How do I help my child start a lesson?

  1. Teacher-Assigned Lesson - If your child’s teacher has assigned your student additional lessons, he or she will see a blue button. Click the blue button to begin these extra lessons. Note: If your student only has a green button that says, “Math Diagnostic” or “Reading Diagnostic” this means the Diagnostic assessment has been assigned.
  2. My Path - Your student should click the green Next Lesson button to begin the next lesson in your student’s personalized lesson path.
  3. Complete lesson - Your student should complete their lesson, trying his or her best. Please do not offer support or help during the lesson, as your student’s lesson is just right for his or her level, and it’s important for their teacher(s) to get accurate data about what your student knows and needs to learn. Note: Your student should aim for at least 30 minutes for iReady instruction per subject per week.

Where can I go to see how my child is performing on iReady online lessons?

1. Log in with your child’s username and password.

2. View your child’s “My Progress” box.

3. Click on “Completed Work” to see your child’s progress.

What is considered a passing lesson?

The default passing threshold for i-Ready lessons is 67 percent, or two out of every three questions correct, but your school district has the flexibility to adjust the passing rate. Please check with your student’s teacher to find out the passing rate in your school.

School Picture Flyer

School Pictures

I have also included information from locally owned Fitzgerald Photography for school portraits. I anticipate we will have school pictures once we are back to face-to-face instruction; however, Fitzgerald Photography is available at this time for school portraits. Appointments are now being accepted through December.

Get to Know Your Teachers: Team Grizzly

Title Wave Logo Contest

Title Wave books is celebrating 30 years and having an art logo contest to celebrate. The winners will receive Title Wave gift cards.

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