How a Computer Works

This info is on computers, enjoy


The first computer was invented in February 15th, 1946 by Alan Turing. Today there are computers everywhere, in school, homes even sometimes in washing machines. A computer is a something that gets information processes it, storages it and shows it to you. This flyer will tell you things you probably do not know about computers yet like why the first computer was built, the generations of computers and lots more.

OS = Operating System

These are some of the Operating System produced so far:


  • apple
  • Computer and laptop


  • apple
  • Phone and I Pad

Windows 10:

  • Microsoft
  • Computer and laptop


  • Google
  • Phone and tablet

Good/Bad Things About The Operating Systems

the computers produced by apple (OSX) cost more because they're light and they're stronger. and it is harder to get a virus on them especially if you have an app called Clean My Mac Three. (Tip: do not get the app Mac Keeper because it helps viruses get on your computer

Microsoft Windows are cheaper but they are not as strong as macs and they're pretty heavy, but they can be turned into any type of computer you want like a gaming one and it has been proven right now that there better.

Android is free so that's good but it only runs on some devices and isn't that popular, and also only runs on phone and tablet.

The first computer

The first computer was invented in February 15th, 1946 by Alan Turing. It was invented to unlock the Germans code and it worked. The first computer was called ENIAC Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer. In these days we have the 4th generation of computers now and the 5th is being developed.

What Is In A Computer

There is what you call a motherboard in your computer and that inputs and outputs everything, and also there is something called a CPU on your motherboard and it does all the thinking. CPU stands for Central Processing Unit. You can also put stuff into your computer like work, input a mouse/keyboard and more.

Generations Of Computers

There are different generations of computers, so far we are on the 4th generation and now people are working on the 5th generation. you've seen the first Generation, is ENIAC, The second is a computer with is about half the size of ENIAC and mostly works the same way, The third started not using paper for code and is in a disk, the 4th is like the ones we have now that are a lot smaller and works a lot faster.

Disc drive

A Disc drive is something that is on the motherboard and it is the device that remembers everything.

Inputs And Outputs

The inputs and outputs are on the motherboard. Input is when you either download something to your computer, or plug something into your ports. Output is when you send something, or post something publicly, e.g. Skype messages/ post a youtube video

The World Wide Web

The Word Wide Web is also known as WWW. The World Wide Web was invented in 1989 by Tim Berners-Lee, and he gave it to everyone. The World Wide Web is where you find things on the internet.


A fan is on a computers motherboard, and it does all the cooling on your computer. Did you know the CPU can heat up and burst.


RAM stands for Random Access Memory, RAM is when you open something up and the RAM remembers it not the hard drive. ROM stands for Read Only Memory, and ROM means that memory that you can only see and not do anything with it.