The Falcon Flash

February Edition

Principal's Message

All students 5th-7th have been provided their class course selection paperwork this past week. Please be certain to look over the selection guide closely and choose courses based on interest and not on what friends have selected. Students will not be allowed to change course once the school year begins. The staff from Fox River were also able to visit all the elementary schools in order to begin forming relationships with our incoming Falcons! It was great getting to meet each 5th grader to help support them with their transition into middle school.

On Friday, February 4th, Mr. and Mrs. Nelson organized and conducted a mini-WASBF in the Fox River gymnasium. The event took place throughout the day and included our 5th grade band students, our middle school band students, and also WUHS's Jazz Band. It was a great event and one of the first concerts that Fox River has been able to host in our new building. The performers did an excellent job showing off their talents for one another and the parents who were in attendance. Job well done to all of the staff and students.

Have a great February,


Trauma Sensitive Schools

Fox River staff continues to practice understanding trauma that might affect student learning. In order for all students to be successful, they need to feel safe. If there is anything at home that might be affecting your student's emotional well-being, we ask that you take a moment and reach out to our student services team so we can support your student while they are at Fox River. No matter how big or small the situation, the more we know the better we can support our students.

Front Office

Please check your account balances within Skyward Family Access. Statements were emailed out last week. Fees can be paid online through eFunds or at the Fox River office either in person or through your student.

When taking your child to a medical appointment, please request an attendance slip from your provider. When the slip is turned in at the office, the absence is re-coded and will not negatively affect attendance.

Please check out our lost and found. Unclaimed items will be donated at the end of the month.

Student Services

All students received their course selection forms for next school year. A counselor went into each 5th, 6th, and 7th grade classroom to present information about the next grade level and answer questions. Course selection forms for all students attending Fox River next year were to be turned in by Tues. Feb. 8th. All 8th grade students received information about high school registration and were able to attend the WUHS open house.

Student Services team members continue to meet with students individually to promote social, emotional and academic growth.

Student Council

Student Council Students volunteered with Waterford Park and Recreation to run many stations for Winterfest in December. They showed their leadership skills and creativity in the craft and game stations, running the bounce houses, and helping set up. During the month of January, Student Council Members have been helping plan a fundraiser for Children’s Defense Fund. This involved choosing a charity to fundraise for, setting a goal, and making posters to advertise the fundraiser.

WUHS 2022 Referendum

Last week, Waterford Union High School announced that they will be asking the community to vote on a bond question during the April 5, 2022 election. You can learn more about the proposed projects by visiting their website.

If you support this proposed referendum plan for WUHS, and you’d like to learn more about simple community outreach, please fill out this form here!

Fox River Middle School

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Mission: Fox River is on a mission to provide a positive, welcoming, and safe environment where all learners are engaged, valued, and challenged.

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