eating disorder

its not just a joke

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1 intro. eating disorder have caused a lot of effects on young adults and child there are possible solution and this will help you know if someone has eating disorder and how to help

2 . In the article it says that it is caused by the complex interactions of the genetics

3. the effects to an eating disorder problem can lead to a lot of thing you can get hospitalized for and it can also lead to bulimia and anorexia

4. in the article it says that it effects teens and in your adulthood

5.the way to tell if some one has it is by if they weight frequently and they like to portion there foods and they watch what they eat

6.child abuse can cause eating disorder because the child doesn't know how to show its emotions .

7. eating disorder can also start other problems like depression and can lead to sudice because they have a lack of control life

8.people do this because they want the perfect body and they can be being bulled of they physical appearance

9.eating disorder is mentally issue where there is a unhealthy relationship with foods

10. approximately 24 million people suffer with eating disorder

positive effects

healthy life (i can draw an apple)

can express your self (emojies)

can have a good relationship with food draw a like food pyramid )

can have a better social life (a computer )


bulimia (throwing up )

anorexia ( a skinny person)

low self esteem ( one being bulled)

depression and lack of control of life (someone being abused)

you feel like you don't belong so u suicide ( a kid cutting him self)