Heroes in my world

Anna Hinrichs

About my hero

I believe that people need a hero, someone to look up to. My hero is my mom because she is always there for me and she is a great role model. My mom (Sabine Hinrichs) was born in Germany. She graduated with a PhD in art history. She married Peter Hinrichs (my dad) and lived in Germany, Switzerland, and Norway. Later they moved to Chicago and had healthy triplets. The whole family moved to Singapore and back to Chicago in 2007. A few years later, they moved to NJ, missed their little town in the suburbs, and moved back home. They are currently living in wilmette happily with their three daughters and have a puppy.

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What a Hero means to me

Some may think that heroes are people with superpowers, flying around in their cape, saving the day and being greatly admirable. While this is the simple definition most know, people fail to see the deeper meaning of a hero. A hero is someone who people look to as a role model, someone people trust to protect the people, and someone who puts others before themselves one hundred percent of the time.

A hero is someone in the army who sacrifices himself everyday to keep people safe and to protect their land. Imagine that one day a country attacks the US. Who would protect the land and its people? Many people are untrained to fight and to protect their land. Not to mention, they are afraid to go to war. Except for the army. The army has been trained to protect the land and the people. This lifts the burden off of people's shoulders, knowing that they are safe and that they do not have to risk their life to protect their country. The army has a job many people are afraid to do and this makes them heroic; therefore, when a war does start, people know they have the army to look up too.

A hero is an FBI person who keeps us safe from harm. After the terrorist attacks on 9/11, the FBI started investigating immediately. They worked hard to identify the hijackers and their sponsors so that they could try and prevent further attacks. Leonard W. Hatton worked for the FBI. In 9/11 he was on his way to work when he saw smoke and fire coming from the the North Tower of the WTC. He immediately went down to the site and helped the firefighters in evacuating occupants. He was inside the building when it collapsed. Special Agent John P. O’Neill, from the FBI, escaped his office in the North Tower after it was struck but stayed and helped people evacuate the building. He was also in the Tower when it collapsed. Both of these FBI agents could have survived if they did the same thing other people did. Run. Most people would not stay behind and help others due to the human instinct in a panic situation, to flee. Instead, they courageously stayed behind and sacrificed themselves to help others escape. This shows heroism because they are putting others before themselves.

As you can see, a person in the army and a FBI agent are both heroes. Both are looked up to to help others and that they both put others before themselves. Everyone could be a hero if they were willing to sacrifice themselves for others, but only few can make that courageous sacrifice. While most people know the simple definition of a hero, only few know the deeper meaning. Next time you see a burning building, ask yourself “Are you a hero?” Only few will say “Yes,” to this.

A Hero from the past

A hero is someone who people look to as a role model, someone people trust to protect the people, and someone who puts others before themselves one hundred percent of the time. Oskar Schindler is my untouchable hero. He saved at least 1,000 Jews during Hitler's reign. Oskar Schindler is a hero to me because my family is German and my great-grandmother was a Jew. Luckily, the Nazi’s didn't catch her but if they did, she would have had a little bit of hope escaping with the help of Oskar. Oskar Schindler fits my criteria of a hero because he put others before himself by saving so many Jews.

Oskar Schindler is a hero because he saved many Jews. According to the Encyclopedia of World Biography, "German businessman Oskar Schindler (1908-1974) saved Jews in Poland and Czechoslovakia from death at the hands of the Nazis during World War II by employing them in his factory.” During this point in Hitler’s reign, Hitler evicted all Jews that did not have a secure job from their hometown. Therefore, Schindler saved them from departure by employing them in his factory. This was only the beginning of the horrendous and torturous years ahead of the Jews. Suddenly during this time period, Hitler announced that all Jews be sent to concentration camps where Jews who could work were forced to labor and the rest who could not work were killed. This is when Schindler did all he could to save many Jews. He build his own labor camp called “Schindler’s Emalia Camp” as stated in the text from the Encyclopedia of World Biography. Based on the article, People of the Holocaust, "Schindler insisted that workers be treated decently there. Guards were expected to stay in their own areas and not bother the laborers. The food provided was wholesome, averaging 2,000 calories, nearly twice as much as what was fed to prisoners at Plaszow. When food was short, Schindler spent his own money to supplement the rations. He also bribed Nazi officials to keep the camp from being closed.” When Jews were sent to these labor camps, they were tortured and therefore, Oskar opened his own camp to make sure that the Jews weren't tortured and he made sure this was successful by bribing the Nazi’s that worked there. By employing them in his company, and opening his own labor camp, he risked his life by putting the Jews before himself. Because he was willing to give up his life, Jews trusted him.

My hero is my mother. Oskar Schindler relates to my mom because they both are willing to risk their life in order to save others they care about. Therefore, people look up to them. Both have at least saved one person. Oskar Schindler saved many Jews and my mother saved a child. Yes, the circumstance was different, but to the mother of that child, she was a hero. My mother saved a child that was choking on a breadstick and Oskar saved at least 1,000 Jews. Oskar and my mother could have walked away from the situation and panicked but they stayed and did something to save the problem. Oskar Schindler and my mother are both heroes because they put others before themselves and others look up to them.

If Oskar Schindler could give me any advice, it would most likely be to think of what it would be like to be in other people's shoes. Oskar would probably advise me to act how I would like to be treated. Think how others feel and how they would want to be treated. Don't follow the crowd that walks away, follow the path towards helping others.

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