Sisterhood of Spies

Valeree Williams

Harriet Tubman #1 spy

Harriet Tubman was an escaped slave who made 18 trips to bring 300 slaves including her brother and parents along the Underground Railroad. She was the first woman in American history to lead a military expedition. She was a fearless leader and could take charge of any situation she was put in. She wanted to help all the slaves she could so she kept going to free them even when the confederates offered a reward of $40,000. The strength and spirit of Harriet Tubman was very likable and she kept on everyone's good side for the most part. She was known to never loose a slave on the way to freedom by carrying a gun and threatening to kill anyone who tried to turn back. Most of all she wanted freedom for all the people forced into slavery. She was so confident and historically known on saving so many peoples lives, so I chose her to be the number one spy.

Noor Inayat Kahn #2 spy

Noor was courageous by signing up to be a spy and knowing she could get tortured if she got caught, but she went on any ways. She decided to stay even though she had a life expectancy of 6 weeks. She was able to withstand being beaten and tortured without giving any information or crying. She was really peaceful in the way that she didn't like to use guns even if they were needed. Her ways were against weapons, and her strength was very awesome and by making choices to stay in a place of violence instead of going home safely. She knew how to discipline herself and not let anyone gain information on her. She lasted an additional 6 weeks longer than expected. I chose Noor to be the number two spy because even though she had the choice to go to her freedom, she stayed in a place of torture and put others before herself. As a spy she was really strong and she became very intelligent and courageous while she was there. By staying she showed how brave she was because she liked her job and what she did for working really hard.

Virginia Hall #3 spy

Virginia Hall was known as the greatest female spy because she was devoted as an undercover worker and basically lived in the shadows for her job. She lost her left leg below the knee and she still joined the British Intelligence Service. Even when those with disabilities were regulated to lower paying jobs that promised little chance for advancement, but she didn't care. She showed her courage by putting herself in harms way as a field agent working behind enemy lines. She wore a wooden leg to hide the fact that she didn't have a real one and worked as an undercover journalist. She became very trustworthy when she helped smuggle down allied pilots and escaped prisoners of war out of the country. She secured weapons and safe houses for use by French nationals secretly fighting the Germans. I chose her to be number three because she had to hide and sneak around a lot. She was a strong spy and her being able to work while having to deal with not having a leg showed her devotion.