Bowiemslibrary Issue No. 8

Thanksgiving Trivia

Can you answer these questions?

1. Which one of these foods would NOT have been on the Thanksgiving table?

a. turkey b. cranberries c. beef d. pumpkin

2. Which President declared the last Thursday in November as Thanksgivng

a. Washington b. Lincoln c. Franklin Roosevelt

3. How long did it take for the Mayflower to sail from England to Cape Cod

a.23 days, b. 65 days c. 82 days

4. What Indian tribe befriended the pilgrims and helped them hunt, fish, and plant crops

a. Wampanoag b. Navaho c. Mahican

5. What sport might the pilgrims have played on Thanksgiving

a. football b. baseball c.. croquet

Scroll to the bottom for answers.

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Answers to Trivia

According to World Book Encyclopeda Online and History 4Kids,

1. c. beef

2. b. LIncoln

3. b. 65 days

4. a. Wampanoag

5. c. croquet