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Lakeview Staff Newsletter - Dec 7

Instructional Vision

At next week's staff meeting, we will bring back our Vision for High-quality Instruction at Lakeview. Here is a review of the process so far:

• Starting at the September 26 staff meeting, staff generated post-it notes aligned to ten categories of instructional delivery. These post-it notes became a first draft of our instructional vision, which was discussed as a staff at the October 24 meeting.

• An ad hoc committee spent 3 meetings vibrantly discussing and revising the Instructional Vision document. Many thanks to Amy D, Cyndi K, Therese H, Jen B, Rachel S, Maria B, Christina R, Natalie M, Beth S, and Diane C for their thoughtful work.

• The vision document is coming back to the full staff on December 12 for consensus.

Staff meeting pre-work #1:

1. Carefully read and reflect on the final version of the Vision Document.

2. Read it again on a different day. Reflect again. Talk to the people listed above if you have curiosities.

3. At Wednesday's staff meeting, we will talk briefly about the vision and I will explain the process for providing final feedback and gathering consensus.

Learning Targets

We are moving into some deep thinking about the use of learning targets to impact student achievement. Most of our staff meeting on December 12 will be a discussion about why learning targets are an impactful practice. Then, in January, we will continue to develop a common understanding of learning targets and success criteria. Rachel, Beth, and I will be facilitating this PD. We recognize there is quite a bit of thinking that already exists in the building around the use of learning targets, and we plan to draw on that expertise to shape Lakeview's common understanding and expectations for the future.

Staff meeting pre-work #2:

In order for our time to be productive, please read both of these two, short articles:

Link to article 1 (from Brookhart & Moss, Learning Targets)

Link to article 2 (from NCTM, Principles to Action) - anywhere it says "math" in this article, you may choose to replace it with the content of your choice.

Then, have two post-it notes ready prior to the meeting. One "Aha!" and one "I wonder ..."

Just two post-it notes total (not two for each article).

3-5 Literacy Lab Day

We had another successful Literacy Lab day on Tuesday, thanks to Jen Fischer and the 3-5 teachers who co-taught. Thanks also go to Roxanne and our substitutes. Unlike last week's K-2 Literacy Lab day in which the morning session was in first grade and the afternoon session was in second grade, the sessions this week were both in third grade. That means that the same lesson was taught by two different groups. It was truly interesting to see the ways that different professionals chose to approach the same lesson. Anytime we can talk about practice or talk about students, we are having the right conversation. This format for PD fulfills both of those.

Visitors Next Week

There are a few visitors coming to Lakeview next week (I love showing people what's going on at Lakeview):

On Tuesday, Peggy Black will be coming to Lakeview. When I started at Lakeview, one of our top concerns was "How do we support all learners?" Our efforts to answer this question started with re-thinking our intervention services, and we are already recognizing the benefits of sharing strategies between classroom teachers and interventionists to support learners in a coherent manner. Since that time, we have continued to talk about how to take this collaboration to the next level in a strategic manner. Tuesday's visit is part of that process. Peggy is not looking for any particular aspect of Lakeview or evaluating anything. She needs to see our students, our curriculum, and our services in action so we can continue to plan how to support all learners.

On Wednesday, my AWSA mentor, Christian Pleister will be here again. Christian is the principal at Burleigh Elementary in the Elmbrook district.

Looking Ahead

Tuesday, December 11

GOLT meeting 3:45-4:45 p.m. in the PDC

Wednesday, December 12

Staff meeting 7:15-8:15 a.m.

Thursday, December 13

Admiral's reader in 4th grade from 2:00-2:30 p.m.

This is an Admiral's shirt day - please let your families know.

PTO meeting - Thursday night from 5:30-6:30 p.m. in the library. This is an earlier time than usual for December's meeting.

Friday, December 14

Smart Smiles visits begin today and go through the next week leading up to Winter break.

On December 14, Smart Smiles will probably just be setting up the stage on Dec 14 and exams will be the week of Dec 17-21. (My thinking is that since the week of Dec 17 could be crazy anyway, let's just double down on the crazy rather than having Smart Smiles a different week in Spring.)

Friday, December 21

Sunshine Holiday pig-out lunch

Holiday sing-along assembly at 2:40 p.m.

Structural Items

Family newsletter - Here is a link to this week's family newsletter.

Recess - Thursday and Friday brought a small flood of parent calls and emails about students in upper grades (3-5) being physical with each other at recess. A few things will help:

• Talk to your students about this before recess on Monday

• Tell them "Students that play REAL games usually don't get into trouble"

• Anyone who steals hats, gloves, etc. goes to the wall immediately

• Tell students to report these problems immediately to supervisors and not wait

• As a supervisor, keep your eyes open for the kids who are playing chasing games. They are the games that usually result in some sort of physical or verbal problem. Redirect chase games into something else.

SLO Door Signs - We continue to receive college swag and will deliver it as it arrives. Remaining SLO door signs were placed in mailboxes on Friday. Please have your sign displayed next to your door. Thanks to Roxanne for hanging college pennants!

Countdowns to break - I'm anti-countdown. It just amps up behaviors by highlighting what we already know causes behavior issues. I prefer highlighting the number of days until we are all back together. (This doesn't mean we don't have a "professional countdown" in our head ... we're just not making a show of it to kids.)

Upcoming assessment windows -

Winter PALS is January 7-18

Winter MAP is January 3-24

Elementary Blackout Dates - Here is a link to the calendar (I'll just leave this link here every week.)

Tuesday's Tech Tip

There were two things in Tuesday's Tech Tip from Tammy and Betsy that I would like to highlight. First, the SeeSaw video of Hamish is ... total Hamish. Thanks to everyone for your work to use SeeSaw and other tools to allow students an authentic audience for their work. It makes a world of difference when students have the world as their audience.

Second, there were links provided to the Hour of Code. I encourage you to take some time with your students to work on an hour of code. My youngest daughter is hooked on coding and loves to create websites using hmtl. She requests books about coding. Opportunities like "Hour of Code" open another world of possibilities for students you might least expect.

Character Dares & Trauma Sensitive Schools

Here it is ... the next Character Dare. This one makes me laugh. I'd like to see what some of your prize boxes look like after this dare!
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