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My name is Michelle Bazinet and I have been an Independent Consultant with Arbonne since May 2010. I started a business with Arbonne because I fell in love with the products AND I was looking to earn an additional income.

In this email you will find handy tips and tricks to navigate Arbonne to get the BEST DEAL possible.

Please reach out any time if I can help.



Handy Things To Know

  • Whenever you place a 250 QV order under your ID, you will receive the opportunity to get your choice of $150 worth of products for $30 ($125 for $25 in the US).
  • With your Arbonne registration fee, you got a website. It will be yourname.arbonne.com. If there is someone else in Arbonne already with your name it may have an initial or city. You can confirm in the My Office section after you log in.
  • Each new consultant has the opportunity to receive a free gift from a list of favourites when they place a 250 QV qualifying order in their start month. My recommendation is the Genius Resurfacing Pads as they have the highest value and give great results.
  • Arbonne provides Successpacks and Special Value packs (ASVPs) at a 50% discountto consultants. Any of these will qualify you for your free gift in your start month.
  • Customer service can be reached at 1-800-arbonne. They are fantastic. That being said, if you are ever unhappy with the outcome of a call, reach out to me. I have access to another level of VP service and am happy to help.
  • At Arbonne's head offices in each market you will find a store which is referred to as Will Call. At any time, you may send an order to will call and pick it up there for a small handling fee. Orders placed before midnight can be picked up after 2:00pm on the following day. If you choose Green Will Call, your order will come in a reusable shopping bag at no extra cost. You may also stop in and purchase any item on site (the same handling fee applies on new orders, it's waived when adding to your pick up). Preferred clients are also welcome to use Will Call.
  • The Source is Arbonne's version of Google within your back office. You can find back-order reports, answers to ingredient questions and more by simply typing in the search bar.
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qv = qualifying value. this is used to calculate qualifications, maintenance, product specials and campaign incentives.

What if I want to place several orders?

So you've shared your love of the products with your sister and co-workers and they would like to place an order. The best way for you to get your own products at a discount is to enter them as a group presentation. Presentation's with 3 separate order IDs qualify for $150 worth of product for $30 (Canadian currency) at each 250 QV level. The host's order will ship for free at 500QV. You will also get to choose a free gift from the list below.

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Arbonne abides by the alternative collection method for direct sellers. This means that we are taxed on the full value of our purchases under our consultant ID. This allows us to do business without collecting or remitting any sales tax to the government.

What if I want to make some money?

It's true. Most people join Arbonne because they love the product and want the absolute best discount! But they soon realize that recommending our amazing products to friends and family just made sense.

Below is a breakdown of the levels in Arbonne and the income opportunity attached. This example uses bonuses in Canadian currency.

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Preferred Clients and Consultants

Let's say you've shared the Re9 samples that came in your kit and someone fell in love. You can create a residual income by setting them up as a Preferred Client (20% off) or Consultant (35% off) simply by going to your website and following the cues. Anyone in Arbonne's currents markets (USA, Canada, Poland, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand and the UK) can purchase from your website or sign up as a consultant under you.
Ask your sponsor if you'd like assistance.

Reach out at any time!

Michelle Bazinet

Independent Consultant

Executive Regional Vice President