Genetically Modified Foods

Is genetically modified food safe for consumption by humans?

Background information

  • Genetically modified food is when genes from 2 or more organisms are put together
  • This does not happen in the wild only in special labs
  • Food is usually bigger and lasts longer
  • To usually help with a shortage of one or more things

Additional Background info.

  • Vegetables and fruits are the most common genetically modified organisms
  • Tomatoes and watermelon are the main foods that are GM
  • In the early 2000s people started GM salmon

Genetically Modified Tomatoes

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Genetically Modified Watermelon

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This watermelon was genetically modified to appeal to the eye with no black seeds.


  • FDA says that the food from GM salmon is safe for consumer consumption
  • G.M. foods have more shelf life
  • Are bigger or have some sort of benefit
  • Cost less money sometimes


  • Panama only makes 100,000 pounds of fish when the normal amount caught is 200,000 pounds of natural salmon
  • I think that the chemicals could still harm you possibly
  • GM salmon could be hostile to wild fish maybe a wrong egg get in wild and cause chaos
  • GM salmon could possibly kill off natural salmon in wild and none left to eat so we would all have to eat GM salmon
  • Many retailers are refusing to sell GM salmon they don't think it is healthy
  • Foods are never natural no one can farm the traditional way
  • GM salmon is grown in one of two facilities that aren't even in the United States of America they're in Canada and Panama so much for farmed in the USA

Graph showing how much farmland is dedicated to GMO over the last 13 years

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Dates in Years

Final Thoughts

During this topic I learned a lot about Genetic Engineering and what it means to society. I believe that Genetic Engineering is wrong and should not be practiced in the global economy. Some of the reasons are if you take genes from one organism and put them into another without telling the costumer that person could have an allergic reaction. In my opinion Genetically Modified food is not safe for human consumption.


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