Pale blue Dot SMORE 6

Manuel Cabeza

video was great

So a pale blue dot video kind make you feel humble once you say that you feel once you finish watching the video it help you understand that we as humans have limit and you have a responsible as a specie to do more and not over step our value but overall the video also get point a across but add reference to pop culture to our very history to show humanity at it worse to it best of time and transition to overall make us feel our entire history and possible future we should strive for. What mark do I feel I should be more up into people live and help myself to help them on having fun but well first I should not tried to do anything but just do my best and get done with it so I well be able to incorrigible with the masses and don’t fall behind with the time or distraction but just to be in my own personal sake as well as other than to other to follow example of self-betterment but that more me if I choose to have humanity on the tip of my fingertips and want to be more or less like big brother in 1984. As I am about to leave high school forever (which is a shame to people who don’t know me as well and haven’t meet the awesome which is me) all is well I suppose I would wish for a planet that doesn’t have the melodrama like high school I mean high school from me is ok but it so boring it make feel so tired (however a world with genius and common sense would be ok) it simple thing in life that I happen to enjoy more than tiring pursuit of excellence etc.