American Revolution Fried Chicken

Mario Garcia

Welcome to my recipe

Hello today I will help you make some fresh out the fryer.


1 tyrant

1 cup of patriot's freedom

3 pounds of British chickens

1 bag of tea "if you want to enjoy with your chicken"

2 tea spoons of French salt ; to help with your dish

1 13 colonies fryer

American plate;America

3 eggs of founding fathers


1.Put your chicken in the plate

2.Put 1 cup of patriot's freedom on the chicken

3.Let it stay there and RULE over the chicken

4.Leave it there till the chef (George) gets mad

5.Get the eggs and mix it with the chicken

6.When the eggs get to the point that there going to lose there flavor add the tea spoons

of French salt so it can win it over the chicken.

7.Put it in the fryer and let it stay there for about 8 years.(If you start at 1775 leave it for about 1783)

8.When it is crisp and full of freedom take it out

9.And then taste it and see what the American chicken is made of.