Enhancement glasses

Made by Andrew Thrasher

Blog enhancement gasses

This is a blog about my progress on my Enhancement glasses.

Entry 1

Today i am working on the blueprint of my glasses and thinking of my competitors. They are mainly google glass but that is about it now to my blueprint. First they will be adjustable to fit any head. next they will have a smartphone in them also a camera to zoom in and adjust eyesight and many other things too. Like red dot laser, flashlight, mirror, and more. Bye for now see ya.

Entry 2 (2 weeks later)

Today I am working on the development and coding I have been assigned someone from Microsoft to help me code because my main investor was Bill Gates. Microsoft has invested in me because they want to compete against Apple. With their google glass I think our product will be big I only sold 43% to Microsoft for 12 million dollars I know i can get a lot if i sell it to them completely but I am doing it for the experience it is my new passion and i love it. Bye for now see ya.