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Kaitlin Smith

Discovery World

On April Thirteenth, the children in eighth Aquarius house arrived at school nearly forty minutes early to get ready and figure out what bus they would be taking on their field trip to Discovery World. Before getting on one of three busses, the children's teachers went over rules and what they expected of the students one more time before they would arrive in Milwaukee. After all the busses arrived, the students boarded them and began their two hour hour journey to a place unknown and unfamiliar to most of them.

After the children arrived, they all got off their bus, stretched, and got into groups. They were then directed into the lunchroom where they were informed about some of Discovery Worlds rules and where to put their bags and lunches. After the Discovery World employees were done talking, the students began their adventure. All the students were looking forward to seeing, and, learning new things they hadn't before. Some tried simulations and other experiments such as the bed of nails and the plane flying simulation. They saw many of advancements in modern technology and what technology was like decades before. Students also got to look at Discovery Worlds aquarium where they were able to pet stingrays and sturgeon. They walked over and under all sorts of fish and aquatic animals including sea horses, jellyfish, and the long nose gar fish. After lunch some students went to the gift shop to pick up some souvenirs that would remind them of their day of discovering. The very last thing the students did included a presentation of Nikola Tesla a famous inventor of electricity. The presenters showed the students many of his inventions and theories about electricity. After the presentation was over, they thanked the presenters and other employees that worked at Discovery World for giving them an opportunity to explore. Then the students boarded their busses and prepared for a long trip home. But now the students got regroup with their friends and talk about their experience at Discovery World.

The New Shipment

On Monday, March 30th, a new shipment of ferrets had arrived at the local pet store, Petco. Each of the new ferrets was about fourteen weeks of age. A week later, employees were still waiting for someone to take interest in them. Then, on April 3rd, someone did.

Alyssa Smith was one of the customers there that day. She was there to buy some food for her other animals at home. She was walking around the store looking for the right brand of food to buy when she saw the new ferrets. She thought of her two boys at home that have been wanting a pet for a long time. She talked to the employees to get some information on them. The employee said, "They are very active animals. They like to play with boxes, socks, and many cat toys." Alyssa decided this would be a great pet for her two sons and selected the cage, food, and toys. After she picked out the ferret and went to the checkout to buy everything, she was told that she was the first person to buy any of the new ferrets because they are a big responsibility.

Third Quarter Incentive

On Thursday February 27th, Aquarius house had held its third quarterly incentive. All 8th grade Aquarius house students had spent their mornings blowing up balloons for the balloon battle activity that would be held in the gym later that day. Each stride had its own color so that the students in each stride could be identified while participating in the game. After their first hour classes, each student went about their day as usual. After their ninth hour class, students were directed to the West gym. After students arrived, they were told to tie on the colored balloon that represented their stride. Muffled words of excitement passed through the gym as they did so. "I can't wait to start!" said Maddi Liethen and Kaitlin Smith, two students from Mrs. Patchak's stride.

After everything was tied up and ready to go, the students stood next to their lines and waited for the whistle to sound. After one of the staff members blew the whistle 8th graders began running to the other end of the gym to pop the other strides balloons. The gym was filled with loud, echoing noises of balloons popping and laughter. As the event continued, the boundaries that the students had to be contained in decreased in size until there were about four to five students from various strides left. After the ending whistle blew, Mrs. Christies stride was determined the winner. There were a few minutes left before students would get ready to go home, but, they had to pick up all the balloon scraps that were left behind from their fun, and well deserved incentive.