Puppies For Sale

Super Cute!


We have male and female Huskies available They are only puppies. No Adults! Come and visit them, they love everyone! :)
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Even cuter than a Huskie, a Labradoodle. They come in brown, gray, blonde, and black. They don't shed so they are ideal for house living.
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Black Labs

We specialize in large dogs. These labs have short, but thick hair. Black labs grow to be an average of 100 pounds. Don't worry, Petco has everything you need! http://www.petco.com/
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Great Dane

Not one of our most popular sellers, but still just as cute! If you want a big ol' friend, a great dane will never disappoint. Watch out, they can grow to be up to 3 feet tall!
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German Shepard

Known as one of the most protective dogs, a German Shepard is always the most loyalist too. They have a beautiful coat and have short fur too.
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