Peace day

Celebrate the end of WWII

What is this?

Peace day is a day celebrating the end of WWII, when the world has begun to restore the peace that was taken away by the sounds of gun fire and shouts.

What were the effects of WWII?

World war two is the second global scale war that involves all of the great powers, which eventually formed into two military alliances, the axis and the allies. It directly involved over 100 million people from 30 countries and is the most widespread war in history. The countries that participated in this war has disregarded the difference between civilians and militates, also putting all of the countries resources and production line behind the efforts of war.

In the second world war, there were about 50 to 85 million deaths, which makes WWII the deadliest conflict in history. In addition to that, around 20 million deaths were from civilians.

Why should it be celebrated?

WWII is large among the large scale wars in the world, hence the name given. Through the six years and one day of the war, the world is in total chaos and grief. Many lives were lost and many families torn apart. Young soldiers sent in to war to die, wave after wave. Cutting off a big part of out next generation. However, the war did end and peace did come to most of our lives. And that day should be celebrated. Celebrating the end of the world wide chaos, and celebrating for the peace that is once again brought upon us.

What do we have?

  • Food
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  • Artifacts

Wednesday, Sep. 2nd, 1-5pm

Mississauga, ON, Canada- Celebration sqare

Mississauga, ON


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