Teenager's Room Boutique

Owner- Makayla Lamb and Manager- Mrs. Unger


Kaboom!!!! A store fell from the sky. Everybody around almost had a heart attack. There was a store right next to it called, "Tacky Tina's" which that store also fell from the sky. But, this store was different, it was called "Teenager's Room Boutique." We sell beds, desks, vanities, dressers and we even sell clothes and electronics because we know how much girls love their clothes and electronics. We sell a plethora of items.

Our hours

We open at 7:50 and we close at 2:45


If you were not treated like family in my store, you come in and we will give you a free pillow and a pillow case of your chose. We want to have a benevolent staff.

Questions and Answers

What are your hours?


Do you have a website?


What do you sell?

Dressers, vanities, bed sets, dressers, clothes and electronics

Is your stuff expensive?

Not really

Is this boutique only for girls?

No not really because we have one colassal section just for boys

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We also have a Starbucks-
While you are looking , can stop for a nice refreshing coffee.
If you any problems with the employees just ask one of these people below

Owner- Makayla Lamb and Mrs. Unger :) <3
Co- owner- Erin Webb

GM- Angel Wehrly

Manger- Mady Hecox :) <3