Help decrease the use of high school drug starters!

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Why you should NEVER start drugs

Drugs are a huge issue in our world. People make careless mistakes and try drugs and ruin their life by trying drugs because once you start drugs, it's hard to stop them. Many High schoolers make this careless mistake and try drugs and they don't think about the effects drugs will have on them once they start them. Drugs will hurt your performances on tests, you won't be able to do sports anymore, you won't be able to do any activities at all because the drugs will take over your brain and you won't function right like you use to. people get hooked on drugs because once you start to take that drug trillions of potent molecules go through your blood stream and into your brain. Once there in your brain they set off a cascade of chemical and electrical events, a kind of neurological chain reaction that ricochets around the skull and it changes the interior reality of the mind. These substances will make people "feel good" and if they don't take them then they won't feel good anymore and so they get hooked on them by keep taking them to feel good. But in reality they aren't making them feel good they are tearing them apart inside, but there brain tells them to keep taking them we will make you feel better!

How we can help and stop the use of drugs

To help the stop of drug use in high schools we need to teach our students the importance of not taking drugs and the negative effects drugs have on people at an earlier age, starting in middle school. My idea is to have a performance with actors that presents a fake real life stituation that could happen if you try drugs and show the students how bad it is. Another one of my ideas is to have a video of real people who have made the terrible mistake of taking drugs and let them explain to the students the choice that they made and how it effected there life negatively. If we enforce these in all middle schools we will decrease the amount of drug users in high school! So help spread my idea and help enforce this in all middle schools.