The Smart Locker

Starting Price is $299

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The Smart Locker

The Smart locker is a top of the line locker system designed to keep hackers out and your stuff in. Our company had surveyed people and had found that some people started to have things missing from their lockers. It was either they misplaced it, or hackers had stole from them. Then we decided that we cannot allow this to happen in school across Canada. That is why we decided to create the Smart Locker witch protects lockers, keeps people's property safe and gives a bit more flash to the regular dull school lockers. We had surveyed students age 12-18 for our research. Why? Well first of all, these are kids that use lockers most in their life and knows what it feels to use a locker. The Smart Locker is a semi-dome shaped 12 cm in diameter, that you place on the wall of your locker, and contains a security system that sends out a alarm when it is opened by an unknown person. This system is sure to enhance your locker and school experience FOR SURE, no money back guarantees

The Smart Locker is NOW AVAILABLE in your nearest Staples, Walmart, Target and Candian Tire!

The Smart Locker is guaranteed to be TOTALLY NOT A WASTE OF YOUR MONEY