Nov 19 Update

Holiday Sermons, Work Day 12/5 @ 9, Budget discussion 12/6

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Babies - 2 For 11:15 Worship ONLY

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NEW Holiday Series starts 11/29

Budget Timeline

Our committees and ministries have submitted their proposals to Stewardship. After discussion, all are committee approved and will be presented to you November 15 for review.

Nov 15-Dec 5 -- Personal review of budget proposal ONLINE VERSION

Dec 6 @ 630pm - Churchwide discussion of budget

Dec 13 during each worship time there will be a vote on the 2021 budget.

(If you absolutely cannot attend because of COVID related issues, then you will be able to call in your vote to Linda at the office Dec 7-10 during office hours.)

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Our loan is approved! We are working with the title company on a closing date. Praise the Lord we can move forward with our HVAC needs.
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Renovation Timeline

Here is the current projected timeline for the HVAC renovation in the main building. Department leaders from the main building need to box up all their belongings and leave in the classroom to prepare for the move out day.

Dec 5 - WORKDAY @ 9AM to move all furniture and furnishings to the East side of the gym.

Jan 4-8 - Ceiling Grid removed

Jan 11 - 22 - Building closed for asbestos removal

Jan 25 - Feb 26 - Installation of HVAC system and ceiling grid replacement

March 1-12 - Cleaning and moving in.

During January - March, we will worship in the Gym at 900 and 1115. Once the job is finished we will rejoice and celebrate as we return to our sanctuary.

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Sunday School Postponed due to COVID

Due to the rise in COVID cases and family gatherings over the holidays it has become clear that we need to postpone starting classes until the new year. We are currently projecting January 10th as a start date for classes. Here are a few keynotes:

1. No one will be where they have been. Due to the HVAC renovation, we are going to be in temporary classrooms for 8-12 weeks.

2. Some groups will combine.

3. Some groups might reduce for social distancing.

4. Groups are from 10 am to 11 am.

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Vision 2025 - A Look Ahead

Much has been said about change and the church. COVID has forever marked 2020 as the year it all changed! Our reliance on the way it has been done holds no water now. In fact, with 2 grown-up generations, it hasn’t for a while now. As we look ahead to 2021 I want to remind you that the vision we all applauded in 2018 is still in play.

In 6 years, FBC will have flooded our region like a river overflowing it banks. We will have expanded into 2 services with plans for our new worship center. Our connections with the community have strengthened the schools and families. As such, we are a provider of options to our community. Our people are invested moving from the 10/90 rule to 50/70. Finally, our fully developed family ministry invests in parent equipping, family education, after school programs and mentoring to keep everyone spiritually engaged.

We recognized 4 main obstacles (mountains) we would need to climb in order to see this dream come true.

  1. Financial stability – through COVID you have shown yourselves to be faithful. As a result, we have stability today. Keep, or start, tithing so we can remain in this stable position.
  2. Move from consumers to contributors – this is still not achieved. COVID has isolated us too much. One thing to concentrate on in 2021 is seeing more people involved. A part of this climb will be that those in power relinquish some to train up the next generation and spread the base of impact and influence.
  3. Leadership development – this is the recipient of the former statement. As we open up to more people speaking into and serving with each other our organization will strengthen.
  4. Staffing for future – We are currently addressing the worship position need that we have. On the heels of this decision will be our family ministries. This position is pivotal to the growth and future stability of our church.

As you can see we have climbed 1 of the 4 mountains. These were 4 that we wanted to climb by 2025 in order to achieve God’s dreams for us. With prayer and humility, we must continue to forge ahead for Gospel and for the good of the city. Won’t you pray and serve with me?