Theme Practice

I can determine the theme and provide details to support it.


The theme of a story is the message or lesson the author wants you to learn.
Theme (6th Grade, ELA)

Step 1: Song Theme Practice

  1. Get the lyrics for Hukana Matata from your teacher. Put your name on it.
  2. Read the lyrics and write the theme in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
  3. Underline evidence from the lyrics which supports your theme.
  4. Explain why you underlined the evidence off to the side of the evidence.
  5. Turn in to your teacher at the end of the hour.

Step 2: Theme Check (you are only ready for this when your teacher has given you permission!)

  1. Get an iReady book from your teacher.
  2. Turn to page 85 and read the story "Dust".
  3. Create a Google document to show your understanding of the theme of "Dust" by responding to this prompt: Write the theme of the story. Be sure to support it with details from the text. (USE PEEL!)