Hitler Youth Goes to jail

The Boy who Dared

A Boy who is inquisitive Is internally conflicted

My Character is very inquisitive and he wants to help the nazis so he becomes a detective But he finds out about the horers that the nazis committed. The theme is that my character is internally conflicted and he needs to find the right thing to do this internal confliction leads to many of the choices my character makes. A quote is

"Helmuth's insides twist, he does not want to be in trouble with gestapo" This shows that He has found something and wants to talk about it but he does not want to get n trouble. Another quote is "Helmuth lowers his voice. "Our government is lying to us." This shows that he knows his government is doing bad things but is too scared to talk.

Summary of The boy who dared

In this book a young German boy named Helmuth wants to do his part in the German community. He goes to the police station to see if he can solve a crime. When him and his friend Karl start to investigate the start to find out about the horrors that Hitler committed. Now he is internally conflicted should he speak out against Hitler or stay quiet. When he decides to speak out he is captured and killed

Susan Campbell Bartoletti

Susan Campbell Bartoletti is a Newbery Honor Author and has won many other Awards. she has written many other novels and poetry. She has written a lot about hitler youth

Including titles like The Boy who Dared and Hitler Youth: Growing Up in Hitler’s Shadow. She has also won many other awards like the Sibert Medal and the Orbis Pictus Award. Susan Campbell Bartoletti is a Very experienced author.