The Birth of the Shoes

Running Shoes

In the early days, people wore rubber shoes called "plimsolls", these shoes were straight with no left or right. Overtime the shape of the running shoes evolved. Manufacturers developed the most comfortable running shoes that protects the runners foot. Below are the pictures of early running shoes and the modern running shoes.
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The picture shows how the early running shoes looks like and how they are made.
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The running shoes in the 1970's.
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The looks of the modern running shoes.
The running shoes evolution is a technology because before these shoes where made by hand. That will be very slow to finished a pair of shoes. Also, shoes before were straight and no left or right. Imagine a shoes with no left or right, that will be uncomfortable. Today shoes are made by machines and have a left and a right, most running shoes are very light that will help the runner run fast,