Mrs. Whitlock's Weekly Math Updates

March 9-13

Upcoming Dates

Wednesday, March 11: Chapter 13 TEST
Saturday, March 14: Pi Day (3.14!)
Monday, March 16: Homework Packet 10 due

Test on WEDNESDAY!!!

We have wrapped up our chapter on adding and subtracting and will be assessing this material this Wednesday. For our homework packet 10, I have put some of the "reteach" worksheets in to focus on adding and subtracting with regrouping. We've been over this material in many different ways in class, but this of course can only be perfected through lots of practice. Please make sure to work with your child over the next few days to review. We are also doing a lot of review in class. Thanks!

Chapter 14 - Mental Math Strategies

On Friday, we will be starting our chapter on mental math strategies. This will help make our double digit addition and subtraction quicker and easier!