Mrs. Nigro's News

September 15, 2016

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Literacy Update

Our theme throughout literacy this week was families. We read an information text about a little girl's family. Through our reading we discovered how her family likes to spend their time together. Then using the strategy of Compare & Contrast we organized what we learned about Camila's family and Mrs. Nigro's family on a venn diagram. To top off our lesson on Compare & Contrast we compared three superheroes using a T-Chart. The students really enjoyed this activity.

In grammar and writing we are focused on writing good sentences, by making sure we have both a subject and a predicate. When reading with your child make sure you ask them to identify these parts of a few sentences to reinforce this concept in a text. We are then using this skill in our writing. Our focus this week was writing friendly letters. Did your child sing you the "Parts of a Friendly Letter" on Wednesday?

We are... Gower West!


Next week we will be starting our vocabulary study. Each Friday your child will bring home the list of words for the following week. Today you will see a letter attached to the list to explain our expectations. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Moving Mountains in Math

We continue to use math mountains to help reinforce addition and subtractions facts. We also worked the doubles strategy and double +/- one or two strategies. Later in the week we realized we could write equations in many different ways: horizontally, vertically, and also as a math mountain. We ended the week adding 3 or more addends in our math problems.

Some of you may have noticed your child bringing home math pages from their books to finish. If your child bring an unfinished math page from their book home please have them complete it and return it the next day. I appreciate your support.

Grading Work

If you notice some a checkmark on your child's paper where a grade should be please refer to this scale:

check+ means they went above expectations

check means their work is right on target

check- means some more practice is needed

Grandparents Bingo

Thursday, Sep. 22nd, 6-7:30pm

7650 Clarendon Hills Road

Willowbrook, IL

Your child is welcome to bring their grandparents to school the night of September 22 if your last name begins with letters A-L.

If your last name begins with the letters M - Z they are welcome to attend bingo night on Friday, September 23rd.