Vitual Resume

Veerpal Kang

Smart Goals

Academic Goal

S- By the end of the semester which only has two more months left, I am going to try to bump my mark from a 47% to a 70% in math class.

M- I am planning on becoming a pharmacist when I graduate and enter the real world. To help keep track of my actions leading up to it, I am going to ask my teacher for a mark update about every 2 weeks and my goal would be a 2.5% higher than what I had the time before. I am also going to consistently do my homework every nigh to build on my math skills in order to make them stronger.

A- I will ensure that I get at least one hour of practice for math everyday after school. I am going to have sacrifice lots of free time during lunch because I am going to be seeking for extra help from my teacher. Even when I don't have any home work I will just review myself or do math drills online. I am going to change my way of studying for a test that way I will be more prepared for test like would watch YouTube videos to self tutor my self the night before the test.

R- In the future, I plan to be a pharmacist and in order to do that I am going to need to be good with numbers because looking at the business side of it so I need a strong mark base. I have set these goals according to that because I want to be successful. As long I stay on track and do not get distracted I can achieve this because nothing is impossible.

T- I plan on achieving this by the end of the semester. Either way I will stay in this time frame of 2 months to get a 70% or higher in math is going to take lot's of hard work and determination. My smaller goals will be to get all G's in the class and try to get over 65% every quiz.

Volunteering Goal

S- I am going to volunteer at the local gurduwara to get at least 12 hours of community service.

M- I am going to track this by making sure I get two house done every weekend. Also I am going to record every hour I have done and I already have previous work done so I can have a little boost.

A- I plan on cleaning the floors serving any food, wash the dishes, I am going to walk there every Saturday morning by 9 and end at eleven so I have the rest of the day to so something else.

R- I can achieve this goal by staying determined and waking up every morning to walk there and help out in the community.

T- I plan to achieve 12 hours by the end of the semester.

Career Path Video

Personal Trainer Career



With my Volunteer work and great leadership style I am trying to go into the Personal fitness industry.


Brock University

Bachelor of physical Education

Brampton, Ontario

September 2018 - May 2022

Louise Arbour Secondary School


Brampton, Ontario

September 2014 - June 2018

Work Experince

Life time Fitness

Personal Trainer

· Learned how to deal with peoples flaws in real life situations

Mississauga, Ontario

June 2022 - June 2026

Extra Curricular

Lass Athletic Council
· Manged activities and sports for the school
June 2016 - June 2018

Senior Soccer team
· Learned how to work as team and made me more active
April 2017 - June 2017

JR School soccer team
· I've Proudly Represented my school at a soccer tournament.
April 2016 - June 2016

Volunteer Experience

Dixie Gurdwara

Volunteer At gurdwara

· I manged organizing the shoes of thers on the shelves

· I washed the dishes and helped in the kitchen

· I also mopped all of the floors

Brampton , Ontario

June 2016 - August 2018

Peel sports

Referee at local Soccer Games

· I've Helped ref youth soccer games

· Learned how to deal with kids if I make a wrong call and how to resolve situations

Brampton, Ontario

June 2016 - August 2016

Skills and Abilities

  • Ability to problem solve
  • Listening skills
  • Strong work ethic
  • Effective oral and written communication skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Teamwork


President Of School (High school) ; September 2012

MVP for school soccer team ; September 2012

Senior Athlete of the year ; September 2012


Fitness appraiser certification ; June 2022

Hobbies and Interests

  • Also enjoy going on Early morning Jogs
  • Going to the gym and doing work outs
  • I play lots of soccer and competitively
  • I enjoy playing Sports


Navdeep Kang

Customer service

Tehang Transport


Problems and Solutions You can Encounter

Problems and solutions

The first problem you encounter as a personal trainer is the risk of injury for your self or your client. You can easily get minor or even life threatening injuries because you are working out with machines not toys its important to know how they work. In order to prevent something like this from happening make sure you know how to use every machine and proper form for workouts because its vital for your client to use perfect technique if not it will result in energy. You also need to know your client’s tendencies and how his/her body works. You need to make them do workouts according to the goal they are trying to achieve. You need to make sure your client stays in the proper weight class for lifting according to their weight class or strength. Overall you need to make sure your first priority is the safety of your client and your is above all and you need to make that clear with you client so him/her can trust you to do a safe and efficient Workout.

The second problem you encounter being a personal trainer is exactly ‘How do I sell my service?’ This can be a problem because if you do not look confident while performing you work outs to demonstrate your client will not be able to gain that trust with. Also if you don’t know how to communicate with people and do some small talk here and there and seem ‘shaky’ your client would not take you seriously or be comfortable with you because you may seem boring. In order to prevent these problems make sure you look professional and dress accordingly to what you are going to be doing and also try to use proper terminology while demonstrating workout routines because that will make you look you know what your talking about and your client would have faith in you to take them to their ‘Dream Body’. Also make sure you know how to ‘small talk’ because if you do not know how to communicate or just ‘small talk’ your client would think your boring. In order to prevent this make sure you take classes on how to communicate properly and also make sure you can communicate in French and English because it is important to be Bilingual because you can have any customers.