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Professional Learning Symposium Spring 2017

One of my favorite parts of working for GAVS is getting together to learn and grow with the rest of the GAVS crew! I feel that there is so much to learn when we get together and collaborate in person! One of the decisions we made during the PLS was to improve our Weekly Synchronous Sessions over the summer by sharing the responsibility. We are sharing the load and making our sessions more interesting and fun for our students! We are using videos called Extra! and working our sessions around them to increase comprehensible input of the students.

Another take-away was from the Poster Sessions presented at the PLS. One specific group gave a presentation about adding a Bitmoji to our stamps. I love this idea! It personalizes things a little; students not only see the material, but they see US as well! Take a look at the artifacts below!

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TOOL is still a work in progress. The deadline is approaching and I am working hard to complete the course on time! As an older member of the GAVS team, I did not complete TOOL to become employed but I am still learning. Summer time is a great time to knock it off the bucket list, as Jane says. It is opening my eyes to many things we take for granted as experienced online learners and teachers that perhaps our students are not aware of. There are concepts that I know and currently employ but there are also some that I need to know more about! Please see the artifacts listed below that demonstrate my Professional Learning in TOOL.
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2015 Professional Learning Symposium

It is always so much different working with a great group of educators face to face! While I very much enjoy the online setting, April 25th was a wonderful opportunity to learn from my colleagues. There was a large amount of sharing and a HUGE amount of take-away (at least on my part!

See below for some take-away examples:

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Ideas for your ePortfolio

I was unable to attend the ePortfolio PD session, but as usual, our wonderful team has posted recordings. I thought I needed to take a look. The good news is that much of the ideas given were already in use. I did learn a few things, specifically how to use a Smore for our PD section:)

Professional Training & Certifications 2014-2015

Professional Development Sessions 2013-2014

Continuing Education: Receiving my Ed.S Fall 2013

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