Ancient Civilization of Assyrian


Ashurism and Christianity. In the first century A.D. under king Abgar V of Edessa, Assyrians were the first to collectively as a nation convert to Christianity.

Ashurism was the first religion of the Assyrians. Ashurism is polytheistic religion very similar to the religion of the Babylonians in that, their gods were based around nature. Most Assyrians had accepted Christianity.The religion of Assyrian was mostly copied off of the Aztec and Babylonian religion. assyrians had a cruel way of worshiping gods. Asher, was the main god. Believed to be king of all gods. Encouraged Assyrian Empire growth through acts of merciful violence. Today Assyrians are members of other Christian denominations of Assyrian churches, including Presbyterian, Evangelical,Pentecostal and baptist.

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