Glimpse of Week 5


Off and Running

Our work plans are working well and the students are loving the new structure it provides. First year students are primarily working on building words with 3 sounds and number identification and addition. Second year students are focusing on 2 and 3 sound blends in language and multiple digit addition using the small bead frame and stamp game. Third year students are focusing on sentence structure, multiplication, and subtraction.

Activities and Projects

Pond Visit

The students visited the pond this week to discover the many animals and plants that survive there. Having this within walking distance from our school will be an amazing asset to our students.

We also participated in the all school homecoming assembly at Eagle River. The students rose to the top and celebrated Eagles through Ages.

Next Week...

Snack Next Week:
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We Need Your Help!

The students have created a video that they would like to share with you. We are hoping to plan a trip to Willow Springs Farm in October. In order for this to be possible we will need help from you. Click on the link to see what they have to say! Thank you so much!