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October 16, 2020

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Glow Sales

We are primed for another great day of glow sales. Today we featured Glow Rings. We have ordered 192 rings. We are hoping to sell out again. All of the profit is used to support our Leader In Me initiatives. We will have drive-through sales at 2:45 each week for remote learners and we begin our afternoon sales for pick-up students at 3:00 pm.

Next month is popcorn! We are trying to gauge how much popcorn to make the first week. We will likely send home a preorder Google Form to give us a heads up. You can look for that the week of November 2nd.

Remote Learners

Several families have asked about the protocol for joining the in-person learning. Dr. Bezeau is sending out a message to families concerning this very soon.

We continue to tweak the remote learning sessions. Teachers are sending home packets with one or two weeks of work. They do hope that you keep the assignments intact until they can be used with the class. Some assignments are quizzes or class projects.

Our art sub, Mrs. Deb Burch, is pushing out assignments on Monday's and Thursday's. She is not connected to the email with this Google Classroom. If you need to contact her please email Mr. Barnard continues to push out his weekly assignments while Mr. S invited you in during the actual specials time.

Conference Sign-Ups

Your child's teacher will be sending home an email with a link for Virtual Conference Sign-up. Conferences this year are scheduled for October 27th from 5-8 pm, October 28th from 5:00-8:00, and October 29th from 1:00-3:30 pm. Classroom teachers have set their own schedules within this time frame. Specials teachers and Special Education teachers and consultants will be available during conference times. You can contact them directly to schedule a virtual conference.

Spirit Week

The week of October 26th Klager and MECC will host a Spirit Week.

Monday is crazy hair day

Tuesday is Pajama Day

Wednesday from home or preschool is Crazy Sock Day

Thursday is Halloween Fun Day. (Our annual parade should be at 10:00 am-More details to come)

Fun Friday's with Mrs. Villarreal

Every Friday for thirty minutes for each grade, I will host a session called Fun Friday with Mrs. Villarreal. I will bring in assemblies, do read alouds, host discussions, teach lessons, or encourage the greatness of our school. This week we had the pleasure of listening to the Carpe Deim String Quartet. They were brought to us by Riverfolk Music and Arts and Great Lakes Performing Artist Associates. We enjoyed three separate concerts out on the front circle lawn. The children sat around the pickup circle and listened as the quartet played and taught us about the instruments. The Quartet spoke very highly of our group and loved the questions and feedback. We look forward to working with RiverFolk Music and Arts to bring more cultural events to our friends.

In early November we will be working to facilitate a visit from the VA to share more about Veterans Day. We will hang our Veterans honor wall in the next week. If you have a family member you would like to honor on our wall, please send a photo to along with the servicemen's name, relation to the Klager child, the branch of service, and years of service. I will add photos to the wall each day as they arrive.


Mrs. Garrison and her team want to remind everyone that we are currently serving breakfast in the cafeteria from 7:50-8:10 each morning. The breakfast program is currently free and they offer a complete meal with a variety of choices. The meal includes a grain, like cereal, pancakes, breakfast bars, or bagel wraps; a fruit, like an apple sauce, a juice, or fresh fruit; a dairy, like a yogurt, cheese bites, or cheese sticks; and milk.

You do not need to preorder the meal and this should be available through November. Children who ride the bus need to get off the bus when the driver announces breakfast at arrival and then walk to the cafeteria. Mrs. Clark is ready and waiting to serve the children and offers so many choices.

Progress Reports

Our classroom teacher will be sending home a very simple progress report. The information gives you a glimpse into the information from the NWEA testing and the reading benchmarks. Each grade level will include the reading and math RIT scores for your child. The scores are one sampling of your child's academic endeavors. We use this information to delve into the areas that your child is ready to learn. The scores tell us the subject areas that we can boost and the areas that we can continue to bolster

The second data point will be specific to the grade level. The score will represent skill in the continuum of learning to support reading success.

I know that most teachers plan to review this at conference time.


It is that time of year when we want to share some important attendance information with all of our families. Our Schoolwide goal is to "Strive for less than five" days absent. We will create a Pretty Important Goal (PIG) that reminds the students, staff, and families, that we strongly believe that consistent, regular attendance is the key to student success. As a school, we are committed to creating a school-wide culture of positive attendance expectations, positive engagement, and discussions with students and families surrounding attendance, identifying causes of absenteeism and offering school appropriate support to students and families.

Attendance and Tardies can be a very personal and sensitive issue. Please remember that this entire document and conversation is meant to support and empower the students of our school. We strongly believe that regular attendance is powerful. We believe that Attendance Matters and student success is a priority.

Our school follows the Washtenaw County Absenteeism Protocol. We use the standards to look at outstanding attendance and possibilities of truancy. We use the protocol as a guideline and not a system to place judgement. If at any time you would like more information, please contact Mrs. Villarreal.

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