Literacy Narrative

“Literacy is a bridge from misery to hope.” - Kofi Annan

Joyeuse is extremely literate and has little difficulty with reading. Her main struggle comes from a lack of guidance with specific material. She has an incredible drive to learn, and is willing to ask for help from those she feels comfortable around. Although shy, once she gets to know a person, Joyeuse creates a genuine bond with them, usually with people who provide some support and relief from the hectic school day.

Like Joyeuse, I was a good students in school. The connections to my friends in classes made the subject more fun and led to better learning. The will to learn is the core of my assets. Without the eagerness for knowledge, the amount of learning in classes decreased.

This experience has allowed me to be coming back teacher by teaching me how to be more open two people with different histories and mine. By learning that despite any hardships or lack of formal schooling students receive their still able and most of the time extremely willing to learn. But getting to know my students I am able to connect my lessons to their personal lives in a way that will truly

Literacy through Math?

One of the largest struggles through this experience was finding time to actually talk! The Math class I was in had about thirty students, and the teacher spent more time on classroom management than working with his students, as a whole class or individually. Most of my time was spent helping Joyeuse complete math work. Although rusty myself, we figured it out together. This created a bonding experience that allowed both of us to be more open with each other. The first time I shadowed her, she receive a low D on her test. One of the last days I was there, she received a perfect score on a quiz! She was so happy and kept thanking me! I told her, "You did all the work! I knew you could do it!" It was one of my favorite days at Belmont

A Glimpse in the Future

This was so much fun! Although Joyeuse says she wants to attend University of Dayton at the moment, I believe the tour through the Nursing rooms and introduction to the program may have shown her the benefits of WSU's program. She absolutely loved the Dummy Room, even though the dummy was creepy. I have not seen her that excited about Math class during the entire semester.

Regardless of where she intends to go, I have no doubts that Joyeuse will go onto nursing school. She wants to be a pediatric nurse and help children. I suspect this stems from the medical difficulties her sister has experienced. The one time I met her sister, Joyeuse introduced her with love and pride in her voice. I know she will be an amazing nurse.