Union Family STEM Night


What's NEW with Family STEM Night?

The staff at Union invites our school community to participate in Family STEM Night as a team. There are six different STEM Challenges for the night, we invite you to choose one or two and focus your time designing, building, and testing your challenge! You can preview all of the challenges on this page.

Union Family STEM Night

Thursday, April 23rd, 6-8pm

11750 East 300 South

Zionsville, IN

Bub's Burgers will be set up for burgers, chicken, and hot dogs at 5:30pm, payment by cash or credit card.

The Scoop will also have an ice cream stand for a sweet treat!

Preview the Challenges! Get a head start on the competition!

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Challenge 1: Recycled Regatta

The challenge: Design, build and test a boat made of recycled materials.

The testing site will be made from rain gutters. You'll need a source of wind, so start testing your lungs for a few good puffs!

Design and build in the gym, test your boat outside in the shelter.

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Challenge 2: The Egg Drop

The challenge: Using recycled materials, construct a safe landing container for a raw egg. Design and build in the gym. Eggs will be dropped by Mrs. Coffman from the height of the mechanical lift in the GYM at 6:45pm and 7:45pm.
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Challenge 3: The Jump Rope

The challenge: Design and build a jump rope that all the members of your team can use, using only plastic grocery bags and duct tape. We'll have testing criteria on hand to determine the success of your jump rope- wear good jumping shoes!

Design and build in the gym, then test your jump rope on the blacktop of our playground!

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Challenge 4: Plastic Egg Launchers

The Challenge: Build a plastic egg launcher and test it for distance. How far can you make your plastic eggs fly?

Design and build in the gym, then test your launcher in the launch lanes on our soccer fields.

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Challenge 5: Binary Wristbands

The Challenge: Can you create family wristbands using Binary Code?

Visit the Art Room to design your family wristbands!

Challenge 6: Family Learning Challenge

Visit the Cafe to participate in a variety of STEM learning activities including:

- Science Ambassadors from DowAgro Sciences

- Clean Water Challenge from Town of Zionsville

How can you help make this night a success? Volunteers and materials are needed!

To volunteer with challenge setup or clean up, please sign up HERE.

We will be collecting materials to re-use and repurpose for the challenges from April 13-22, there will be collection boxes by the cafe. Please make sure items are rinsed and clean (no food residue). Items requested are:

Cereal/cracker/snack boxes

2-liter bottles and large water bottles

Paper towel and wrapping paper tubes

Plastic containers (example: margarine, cottage cheese, cool-whip, etc)

Magazines and newspapers

Plastic grocery bags (send 'em in, we need lots!)

Packing materials (styrofoam peanuts, air pack bags, bubble wrap, etc.)