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iPad Video Lessons - Honest Feedback

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I was recently informed of the new iPad Video Lessons available from videolessonoffer.com from a close friend, seeing as I have 2 iPads and still barely know how to use them, I figured I would give them a try!

Upon my initial purchase I was a bit half hearted, it crossed my mind that these videos would be easily available elsewhere on the Internet. However I was mistaken, after watching the second video the tutor began going into much more depth, and showing a lot of the different software which is available, some of which I didn't even know existed on my iPad! The video tutor also covered plenty of useful tips, such as key shortcuts, trick methods and where he finds his own iPad applications. The videos are set up in moderate way, the first few are focused on the basic tips and lessons, as they progress he goes into further detail and they started to interest me much more.

The video lessons are presented in 9 different modules, some of which have multiple videos. Below I will list these modules as I received them:

  • Module 1 – All About Your iPad
  • Module 2 – Web Tips and Tricks
  • Module 3 – More About Mail
  • Module 4 – Reading on Your iPad
  • Module 5 – App Fun & Productivity
  • Module 6 – Listen to Music & Podcasts
  • Module 7 – Organize Your Photos
  • Module 8 – Watch Video on Your iPad
  • Module 9 – Exploring Maps

As you can see, some of the modules focus on very interesting subjects. For me, my personal favorite was the Exploring Maps module, he really went in depth with the different features you can use when navigating maps on the iPad. I honestly had no idea the iPad had such impressive GPS capabilities, I was pleasantly surprised when I found out half of the things I could do! banbot

The tutor is also currently throwing in a couple of extra bonuses for current buyers, some of these inlcude:

iOS6 Training
iOS5 Training
iCloud Training
Wireless Updates, Backups & Syncing
Reminder’s App
Using Notifications
iPad Magazines
Beginner’s Bootcamp

Not all of the bonuses are all that helpful at all, but hey they're bonuses after all right?!

Overall, I highly recommend these iPad Video Lessons to users who are looking for knowledge on their iPads, whether they are just learning the ropes or already tech-savvy with them! A lot of new iPad users are put off by the large amount of features and options in most of the applications, these video lessons will honestly help a lot with that. I do recommend them more so to beginners however, as some of the earlier videos really do cover some basic stuff.

To visit the iPad Video Lessons website, click here!

I do hope these lessons help you on your iPad journey if you decide to use them!