LHS Weekly Update

February 11-16

Good Evening, Leonardtown Raiders!

Monday, February 11

  • Boys Basketball v/s McDonough, Home, JV @ 5:00pm, V @ 6:30pm
  • Girls Basketball v/s CHS, Away, JV @ 5:00pm, V @ 6:30pm

Tuesday, February 12

  • NHS General Assembly Meeting, Auditorium @ 7:30am
  • Boys Basketball v/s CHS, Away, JV @ 5:00pm, V @ 5:30pm

Wednesday, February 13

  • Principal's Advisory Meeting in A29 during one lunch

Thursday, February 14

  • Dating Violence Prevention, Auditorium during one lunch

Friday, February 15

  • Two Hour Early Dismissal
  • Practice ASVAB during one lunch. Please see Mrs. Hazlegrove to sign up
  • Boys Basketball v/s Northern, Home, JV @ 5:00pm,V @ 6:30pm
  • Girls Basketball v/s Northern, Away, JV @ 5:00pm, V @ 6:30pm
  • Wrestling SMAC Tournament @ La Plata High School @ 5:30pm

Saturday, February 16

  • HS All County Theatre Festival, Auditorium @ 8:00am
  • Swim Region @ PG Sports Learning Center @ 9:00am

Congratulations to Sara VanRyswick

Sara placed 2nd in the 132 pound weight class at the MPSSAA Girls Wrestling Tournament. We are very proud of this Raider!
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Rising Freshmen Orientation Night

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LHS Mulch Sale

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College and Career Center

  • Practice ASVAB during one lunch. Please see Mrs. Hazlegrove to sign up
  • Seniors - The SMBECA Scholarship is due on February 15th and must be turned in to Mrs. Hazlegrove in the career center. You can access the application and instructions at the link below.


  • The HBCU (Historically Black College and University) Fair will be held on February 22nd, please notify Mrs. Hazlegrove if you would like to attend.

  • There are scholarships available right now for all grade levels, if you would like access to these please email Mrs. Hazlegrove at tlhazlegrove@smcps.org

  • The ASVAB will be given on April 5th, please see Mrs. Hazlegrove to sign up. This exam will be open to students in the 10th, 11th, and 12th grade.

Academy Application Window and Key Dates

  • March 6, 2019 Academy Application Opens Online
  • April 19, 2019 Academy Application Closes
  • May 24, 2019 Academy Decisions Emailed

From the Counselor's Office...

Counselors Corner

Applications for the Tech Center for school year 2019-2020 are now available online. Please use this link to apply, to https://schools.smcps.org/tech/.

Applications are due February 15th.

Naviance is SMCPS new Career and College Platform for high school students. Counselors went into Freshmen English Classrooms this week to explore college and career interests. Please ask your students what they learned and what careers came up on their career profiles. We will be going into sophomore classes this upcoming week. We will share the presentation will all of you soon.

Throughout the year, Guidance will send announcements and updates via Remind. To join Remind for a specific grade level, text the following bolded message to 81010:

Class of 2019 (current Seniors)- @lhs2019g

Class of 2020 (current Juniors)- @lhs2020g

Class of 2021 (current Sophomores)- @lhs2021g

Class of 2022 (current Freshman- @lhs2022g

Literacy Coach- Ms. Bridges

Literacy Coach Corner - Preparing for the Essay on the SAT

If your student is a junior, they have a wonderful opportunity to take the SAT for free on March 27th. Although that particular version of the SAT will not include the essay, your student may choose to take the SAT with essay eventually. Below are some resources and tips to help them prepare:

  • This link takes you to the College Board website on the essay, which provides the most information about the essay, including practice prompts and rubrics.

  • This link takes you the Khan Academy website, which offers strategies for writing the essay on the SAT.

  • The essay is based on text analysis, typically evaluating an author’s argument. This is something your student has done in their classes, such as English or social studies. Even if they did not write an essay, they have practiced this skill. It no longer requires students to draw from personal experience, or ask if they agree or disagree on a topic - different from SAT essay topics in the past.

Valentine gifts

LHS Community,

As much as we love Valentine's Day, the school will not be accepting deliveries to our students.

Unfortunately we are not sufficiently staffed in the front office to manage the volume of deliveries our school encounters on this day. We do not want to be in a situation where a delivery is made to the front office and does not make it to the appropriate student. Additionally, balloons and vases are not permitted on buses as per our Code of Conduct.

Please have all gifts delivered to the student's home.

Thank you!!

Fast Food Policy

Reminder- LHS strongly encourage students to either bring a lunch to school or to purchase one from our cafeteria. We prefer parents not bring lunches to students during the school day. Also, it is not appropriate to have a birthday celebration during the school day. Group pizza, balloons, cakes, for example, should be provided to celebrate or recognize a student after the school day. Our office is a very busy place and is simply not staffed to accommodate parents routinely requesting deliveries to students. If you choose to bring food to your student during one lunch there is a possibility that it will not be delivered.

Lock Up Your Opioids

A student of our school's Global and International Studies Academy is currently running a campaign called Lock Up Your Opioids. It aims to raise awareness about the issue of drug diversion in St. Mary’s County, with a focus on prescription drugs and opioids. The campaign’s goal is to spur simple, effective action to combat the issue by collecting pledges to properly secure medication.

Help the campaign reach its goal of 1,000 or more pledges by March 24th!

Visit the following website to learn more and make the pledge!


AP Testing

  • A letter regarding AP Testing was sent home with students.
  • This year we are using FamilyID to sign-up.
  • To view the letter, see attachments at the bottom of the newsletter.


11th Grade Students & Parents

  • Leonardtown High School will be administering the SAT to all 11th grade students this spring during the normal school day.
  • The SAT will take place on Wednesday, March 27th during periods 1-5 at Leonardtown High School.
  • There is no cost to students for this amazing opportunity and all 11th grade students are encouraged to participate.
  • To review SAT reminders please click here.
  • If you have questions about this specific SAT testing opportunity, please contact Mr. Graham Coombs - Assistant Principal.

From the Key Club

Key Clubs Monthly GoFundMe will be sent out once a month. It will be an existing GoFundMe that the LHS Key club wants to support. Please click on the link below to see information for the Februray GoFundMe. If you have any suggestions or would like to send out your own GoFundMe, please email Coralee Romero at coralee.romero64@gmail.com



APEX Quarter Recovery Marking Period 2


  • APEX Quarter Recovery will start Wednesday, February 19th, 2019. Students must be eligible with a 45-59% in their failing course.
  • Students will participate in APEX Quarter Recovery during their lunch period (either A or B lunch, daily until they are done or the time has ended).
  • Participation during the school day is mandatory, and if a student misses two sessions, the student may be removed from the program.
  • Students MUST return the completed application to Mrs. Abell in Guidance no later than Friday, February 15th .
  • See attached Form below
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mrs. Marino at cmmarino@smcps.org, Mr. Readyhough at ecreadyhough@smcps.org, or Mrs. Schrader at gmschrader@smcps.org.
  • Students will attend APEX QR during A or B Lunch from Tuesday, February 20th - Tuesday, March 19th.

From the Nurse's Office

If your student needs to bring medication to school, please click here to review the Medication Policy that must be followed. For over the counter medications, click here.

We have students in our building who are allergic to perfumes and colognes. When students spray themselves at school, it causes painful reactions for those that are allergic. Please be respectful of these health concerns and only apply at home! Thank you!
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AP Attachments: