Anti-Stress Applications

Cierra Kreiman & Hailey Teeters

How are these applications anti-stress?

Each of the applications have different features that can help a person's mind escape and work on something that can help the person relax and focus on something else.

Colorfly: Best Coloring Books for Adults

In this application you get to release your creative ability in an stress-free way. The application has 12 different patterns or as they call them worlds to choose from. Each of the worlds have 6 different pictures you pick from. You click then one you wish to color and then get to work picking out the color you desire to color with.

Querkles: Colouring for Mindfulness: art therapy adult colouring and puzzle book for mindfulness, stress-relief, relaxation, and well-being

This application in my personal opinion I didn't like this application one bit. You open the application and click on the try for free set. Then you have 5 different famous people to pick from. This application is number based so you color all the same numbers the same to makeup the picture. You have to zoom in as far as you can go to be able to even see the numbers and it is not auto fill so if you mess up around other part you colored and have to ease it could mess up the whole picture. The application is very frustrating and not stress-free.

Anti- Stress

This application an awesome free app that can be really helpful when you are feeling stress. It is easy to work and is visually appealing as well. When you start to feel stress, all you have to do is click on the app, and it will pull up a positive quote with colorful bright background. When you are done reading that quote you can hit the arrow at the bottom and it will bring up another positive quote. Sometimes people just need to hear extra positivity to keep them going.!-stress/id417909486?mt=8


This app is a wonderful free app that anyone can use. It records how you are feeling throughout the day, as well as track your health habits that may be effecting your mood, so that you can learn to make adjustments to your lifestyle. You can also create a public or private group chat where you can communicate and share your Pacifica data. This app has things that help relax by clicking on "meditations" or "relax." If you are feeling negative emotions that you need to let out, you can click on "thoughts" and type them up and Pacifica will help you make them positive, and after making them positive it will ask you how you feel. You can also click "goals" and keep track of your everyday goals that you need to accomplish.