Fine Arts Festival

Presented to You by the CCHS Gay-Straight-Alliance

In Honor of the Bastrop Family Crisis Center

As not only a GSA, but as a "do-something" organization for BISD's CCHS, we strive to help our community and be role models for others in any way that we can. The Fine Arts Benefit serves not only as a showcase for our school's programs, but also serves to help the Bastrop Family Crisis Center have the means to keep helping others! That is why the proceeds of the benefit go straight to the Bastrop Family Crisis Center! Thank you to each and every one of you for helping us "Do Something"!

When: May 31st, 2013 from 6:00 to 8:15

Where: 793 Union Chapel Road, Cedar Creek, TX 78612

There will be students playing piano in the foyer before the show starts, so get here early!

We would greatly appreciate any voluntary contribution, monetary or canned good, all contributions placed in donation areas will be going to the Bastrop Family Crisis Center! Please donate whatever you can, every little bit helps! Also, the Art Program will be selling ceramic hearts for $1.00. Get one before they're gone! There are also 2 silent auctions in favor of the CCHS PTSA, and the CCHS Choir, and the PTSA is providing free refreshments.

Feature Performances By:

The CCHS Bands ~ The CCHS Choir Programs ~ The CCHS Eaglettes

The CCHS Folklorico ~ The CCHS Improv Team ~ The CCHS Piano Students

There is also an Art Walk featuring some amazing artwork done by our students in the Art Programs.

We are the CCHS Gay-Straight Alliance and We "DO SOMETHING"!

We promote a better world... full of Tolerance, Awareness, and Pride! We want to make the schools, as well as the community a more tolerant, aware, and safe place to be. In this belief, we felt we could partner with our school's fine arts programs to help the Family Crisis Center. A place that also believes in helping others and getting them to be happy and feel safe.