The New Egg Times

A newspaper for chickens Edition 4, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's Valentine's Day, even for your chickens. Surprise them with something special, like leftovers from your pasta dinner at Fazoli's, or give them extra scratch. Make it an extra special day for them too! Have fun and be sure to comment your ideas. Happy Valentine's Day!


Here are the funniest ones.

Clarification of Names

Georga's name is pronounced how it sounds. Georgia's however, is pronounced Georgeea. It's weird. But, that's how I spell their names. If you want to know their names, go to the 3rd edition to see a name and a corresponding picture along with a description.


So, as you can see, Nermal is very rude by nosing through someone else's business like that, Georgia loves to photobomb, and which ever Wyandotte that is loves to gossip. Chickens are alot like people; photobombing, gossiping, and going through someone else's beeswax.

The convo among hens.

Katy: "Nermal! Get your beak out of Kate's bidness!" Nermal: "Wha?.. oh, who me? I was just, you know, ummm.. well... I..." Georgia: "PHOTOBOMB!" Katy: "Georgia! Why did you just photobomb my perfect picture for the cover of 'Chic Chicks'!" Georga: "*Gasp* Nermal! Did you just fart? Is it true that you got all nosy in Kate's beeswax? This is so going on my blog. I'm posting it on Facebeak right now, and Tweeter! This will be the head story on my gossip column! It's also going on Peckterest and my website! This is like so OMG!" Nermal: "How do I get into all these thing?! Is my fault I'm at bottom of the pecking order?!"