Presentation Dates Jan 11-15, 2015


On your own, produce a PECHA KUCHA style presentation on ONE of the following topic/issue:

1) Evaluate the properties of a commonly used but potentially harmful chemical substance (e.g., fertilizer, pesticide, a household cleaning product, materials used in electronics and batteries) and how that substance affects the environment, and propose ways to lessen the harmfulness of the substance. Select ONE chemical substance.

2) Evaluate the impact of innovations such as seat belts and airbags on injuries resulting from traffic accidents and on the associated health care costs.

3) Evaluate the use of holographic technology to make Canadian currency.

4) Evaluate the importance of various technologies, including Canadian contributions, to our understanding of internal body systems (e.g. endoscope, nuclear magnetic resonance). Select ONE technology.


  • 20 slides in any slide-making software of your choice.

  • Presentation time - Max 6 min and 40 s. (20 seconds per slide) --- an automatic advancing timer must be integrated into your slide presentation.

  • Keep your slides very, very simple with very little words.

Must Include:

  • Develop a script that includes all descriptors described under Criterion D and

  • Document your sources (including images) completely using in-text citations and a bibliography (APA). Plagiarized work will receive a mark of zero.

  • Submit your written script including your images (fully cited) and bibliography to ManageBac.

  • Submit a copy of your presentation on ManageBac.

SCRIPTS AND PRESENTATIONS ARE DUE TO MANAGEBAC ON JAN 8th. The order of presentation will be determined on Jan 8.

Your script should follow the One Wold Essay format:

RESOURCE: One World Essay Framework


  1. Before you sign up, make sure you have done preliminary research on your topic (eg. are there enough resources to help you complete your essay?).
  2. A rough thesis will be required when you sign up for your topic.
  3. There will be no opportunities to change your topic once you have committed.


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