AVID Fall Semester Exam 7th grade

Andrew Martinez,1/11/2016

How did I grow as a student this semester?


I learned how to be more outgoing sometimes like I'm ever in a group project I learn how to get along with others and find things that we have in common.Iv'e gotten better at trying my best at doing one pagers for drawing,and adding the key factors of the story.credit for photo: http://www.indiatvnews.com/lifestyle/news/happy-teenagers-grow-into-wealthy-adults-40.html


I gained a lot of friends that have the same taste's as me and are on the same weird scale,and reunited with some friends from last year too in my AVID class! and it was fun to meet some people in the Mission Arlington:like some little kid that helped me stack boxes and pass them to the people who needed them! credit to photo: credit for photo: www.pinterest.com


I got better at doing my projects the best that i can!and doing my homework earlier,same thing goes for studying. Through this year i got better at memorizing things for example, Social Studies I had 25 minutes to study for the exam,when the exam came I started blasting through it and finished fast! Like in AVID where i had to remember the important parts in the definitions for the public speaking quiz. credit for photo:



I learned how to make Cornell notes with the help of friends I figured out how to make even more Cornell notes if I don't have enough,AVID taught me how to make Cornell notes the right way and gave me tips and trips on what I could do them on.credit for photo: http://www.wagner-writer.com/40th-birthday-reflection-5-things-id-tell-myself-at-30/


This semester I had to figure out how to get around all the time that's taken out of my day when i get home such as,tae kwon do,taking care of two troublesome dogs,and doing chores,All while having to do a lot of homework,AVID taught me that doing homework last second is never good so iv'e been trying to apply to that but my laziness overcomes me.... credit for photo: http://www.timtim.com/drawing/view/drawing_id/4138


I learned how interact with the people around me like when we can work with the people around us and I'm having trouble with a problem i can ask the person in front of me where i can find the answer,AVID helped me realize that everyone is different and that we all have problems with something,so whenever I'm having trouble with a problem I don't feel like i'm going to get judged for not knowing the answer. credit for photo: http://www.atlaslanguageschool.com/
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credit for photo: magazine.unca.edu
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credit for photo: teacherpress.ocps.net

What will I do next semester to continue to grow in the areas?


I hope to do all of my work and homework in time and ask more questions when i need help on something so it doesn't affect my grades later on,the same thing goes for projects and one pagers,on top of all that i just hope i study a lot for important things when i get the chance.