EC Buddies

Come to room 127 during B lunch every day!

Why Join?

EC Buddies is a great way to get involved at Hoggard High School. It also makes you feel very good. There is no need for conformity in EC buddies because everyone fits in. Ms. Pruden is a great coordinator and she has a great sense of authority. Many people start EC buddies with a different view than they come out with. This is obedience. Many people come into EC buddies thinking that they won't enjoy it. I have seen group polarization throughout this school year when it comes to the enjoyment of the people in the EC buddies club.

Whats Happening?

Many things do happen in EC buddies but group think and self-serving bias do not. Group think is when people in a group become so consumed in the group that they cannot make their own choices. This does not happen in EC buddies because everyone is very independent. Self- Serving bias is when you attribute positive outcomes towards yourself and negative outcomes towards others. Everyone in the club makes their own decisions and does their own thing; that is why Self-Serving bias does not occur. Fundamental Attribution error does happen sometimes but not often. It is normally just somebody blaming another for not picking up the number game etc.

Whats our message?

EC buddies promotes many messages. Those include treating everybody fairly and not judging a book by its cover. When relating EC buddies to the different experiments there was not to much to touch on. Asch taught us to not conform to everyone else and to be ourselves when we are in a group setting. Zimbardo taught us that we do not always show our true personality when we need to. Milgram taught us to obey what the leader says.