A Day Without Technology

Caylie Sullivan

Good Morning

I decided to do my day without technology on Saturday. I wanted to do it on the weekend so that I wouldn't have to worry about homework because most of my homework is done on the computer. One of my best friends from home was coming into town for the day so I also knew that would help me not want to be on my phone. I needed to have an alarm that morning to wake myself up before she came, however, I couldn't set my alarm because I was not using my phone for the day. I had to have my roommate wake me up and also communicate with my friend because she had never been to my apartment before. It felt weird to not set an alarm and to have my roommate communicate with my friend instead of me.

Getting Ready

I usually listen to music or watch Netflix while getting ready for the day. I didn't realize how boring it is to get ready without listening to anything. I also didn't realize how much I relied on technology in the morning including my alarm and using my laptop for music or Netflix. It has just been a daily habit to turn on my alarm or turn on music or Netflix in the morning.

My day without technology

Once my friend got here, we went had lunch at Hob Nob Cafe with a group of my friends and then went to Trash Can Falls. At lunch, my friends were on their phones and it made me realize how much we are on our phones for no reason. I know I probably would've been on my phone too if I had my phone with me. At Trash Can, we jumped off the waterfall and hammocked on the trees near by. Even there, my friends were on their phones snapchatting and trying to take pictures to put on Instagram. It's crazy how much we use our cell phones. I felt like I was missing out on cool pictures to be taken but I actually began to like not having my phone because I was able to enjoy the day even more without my phone as a distraction.
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Later in the day, we went to Kilwins and watched the sunset at Caldwell Community college. I love the sunset and was bummed that I couldn't take pictures of it, however, I realized that I was able to appreciate the sunset more by actually watching it rather than looking at it through my phone while taking pictures.


Overall, my day without technology was hard but also enjoyable. It was difficult to be around people using their phones and to want to check my phone often because of habit. Logistics wise, I had to tell some people that I wasn't using my phone for the day and I had to get a few pictures that my friends took to use for this project. I missed out on talking to my family, friends and checking social media. I realized that I rely on technology too much and that I use my phone more than I should. I liked this day because I was able to enjoy it more by not worrying about my phone all the time. This activity has made me want to do this more often. My day without technology has shown me how much we use technology on a regular basis. I realized that we use technology more than we even notice. In teaching, I would like to use technology but I would put a limit on it so that we can experience more with our days and only use it for necessary activities.
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