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Welcome Back to School From Mrs. Zywczyk

Dear Families,

I am pleased to welcome you to the 2020-21 school year! Thank you for your continued patience and understanding during these unprecedented times. As we start the school year my goal is to maintain a sense of normalcy for our return while keeping everyone's' safety at the forefront of our planning and preparation. Please review the newsletter sections below for important information.

Thank you again for your continued support. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Stay safe, and healthy during these times.


Kelly Zywczyk

Canal Winchester Middle School Central Learning and Information Site

Canal Winchester Middle School will be utilizing a Google Site as a central learning and information site for students and families. You can locate this site on the CWMS webpage.

Back to School Dates

September 2- 6th Grade Orientation (2hr Early Release) Student day is 7:45-12:00

Welcome to CWMS!

6th-grade students need to bring their book-bags/backpacks, individual supplies, and the Chromebook and charging cord they were issued in the spring. Students will receive a new Chromebook in a few weeks due to Chromebooks being on backorder.

-Students will rotate through stations today and will travel with their assigned A or B group.

-CWMS will follow health/safety practices and procedures.

CWMS student day is 7:45-2:00 this year.

September 3- 6th/7th/8th Grade (A-Day) Students will attend all of the classes on their schedule so they can meet all of their teachers.

September 4- 6th/7th/8th Grade (B-Day) Students will attend all of the classes on their schedule so they can meet all of their teachers.

CWMS Health/Safety Practices and Procedures for 2020-2021

This section is intended to be a brief overview of the safety protocols that we plan to have in place at the start of school.

Family Safety Expectations

  • Conduct wellness checks at home prior to the student being sent to school. Students displaying symptoms such as shortness of breath, breathing problems, loss of taste or smell, cough, chills, headache, sore throat, or muscle aches or have a temperature over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, should remain at home. Send students to school with a mask.
  • Encourage hand-washing before, during and after school.
  • Provide students with reusable water bottles filled with water. Water fountains will be closed, but water bottle filling stations will be opened.
  • Follow protocols for drop-off and dismissal.
  • Ensure contact information is up to date in Parent OneView in case CWMS needs to contact you.

Student Safety Expectations

  • Wear a mask to school.
  • Maintain 6 feet social distance from peers and teachers whenever possible.
  • Wash your hands and use hand sanitizer frequently.
  • Bring a water bottle to school. Water fountains will be closed but water bottle refilling stations will be open.
  • Go to your classroom or to the cafeteria for breakfast when you get into school, do not congregate in hallways, stairwells, etc.
  • Students will not use lockers this year and are permitted to carry backpacks/book-bags.

Student Arrival (bus)

  1. Multiple staff members will be on morning duty to supervise students.

  2. Morning bus dismissal will be staggered.

  3. Students will enter the building using grade-level entrances. Hand sanitizer stations will be available for use.

  4. Students will report to their designated homerooms or to the cafeteria for breakfast.

Student Arrival (parent drop off)

  1. Students will enter the cafeteria front doors and report to their designated homeroom or to the cafeteria for breakfast.

  2. Students will sit 2-3 per table. Students will be socially distanced.

  3. On the first day, administrators will assign students to a table to create a seating chart.

  4. Students will have assigned seats.

  5. Hand sanitizer stations will be available for use.


  1. Breakfast will be pre-packaged.

  2. Breakfast will be grab and go and students will eat in classrooms.

  3. Hand sanitizer stations will be available for use.


  1. Mandatory socially distanced assigned seats for all students.

  2. Students will sit 2-3 per table.

  3. Hand sanitizer stations will be available for use.

  4. There will be no self-serve stations.

  5. Pre-packaged sandwiches will be served to students.

  6. Students will receive individual condiments and utensils.

  7. Extra custodian on duty to sanitize and clean.

  8. Grade Level teachers and administrators will supervise lunches.


  1. Mandatory seating charts in all classrooms.

  2. Students will be spaced to socially distance 6ft apart.

  3. Students will use individual school supplies.

Class Change Procedures/ Hallway

  1. Students will travel single file using the right side of the hallway while socially distancing.

Restroom procedures

  1. Three students in the restroom at a time.

  2. Staff members will help monitor the number of students accessing the restroom throughout the day.

Student Dismissal (bus)

  1. Dismissal will be staggered and students will be dismissed by grade-level teams.

  2. Students will use grade-level exits at dismissal to socially distance while exiting the building.

  3. Multiple staff members will be on duty to supervise students.

Student Dismissal (parent pick-up)

  1. Dismissal will be staggered and students will be dismissed by grade-level teams.

  2. Students will use designated exits.

  3. Students will be social distance while exiting the building.

  4. Multiple staff members will be on duty to supervise students.

School Visitors and Student Appointments during the School Day

In general, visitors will NOT be allowed except in the case of urgent situations such as picking up an ill child or taking a child to a medical appointment.

Do you need to pick your student up for an appointment?

1. Call the office when you arrive or ahead of time and then your student can sign out and exit the building to meet you.

Student Drop-Off and Pickup Procedures and Expectations for Families

Morning Drop-Off Procedure:

Middle School students should be dropped off in the morning in the front of the school by the Main Office. Drivers will need to enter the zone by entering at the north entrance and dropping off the students between the choir room doors and flag pole (see map below). Peak drop off time is between 7:15-7:30. To ensure the safety and orderly morning drop-off procedure, the front parking lot is one way. Parents wishing to park will need to enter at the North entrance and park in the lot in the front of the building. Please do not wait in the aisle.

As you approach to drop-off your student, please pull up as far as allowable in the zone. The drop off lane is single file. Once your child is on the sidewalk, please exit by pulling forward or pulling to the left and exiting the south entrance. Students need to enter the doors by the cafeteria and proceed to a table. CWMS Staff will be on hand to assist.

Please be careful and be attentive as there will be a number of people being dropped off and using the crosswalks. CWMS Administration and teachers will be on-site to help guide parents and students. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience.

Afternoon Pick-Up Procedure:

Middle School students should be picked up in the afternoon in the front of the school, in the same manner, they were dropped off in the morning. Drivers need to pull all the way forward and wait for the students to exit the building. Once you have your student, carefully pull into the left lane to exit the grounds. When a car in front of you exits, please pull all the way forward. If you see your student as you are pulling forward, continue to pull forward allowing the cars behind you to do the same, and have your student meet you when you have pulled all the way forward. We have a system in place to keep traffic moving.

If you choose to park in the lot, please do so and wait for your child to exit. Please do not wait in the aisle of the parking lot as we want to keep traffic moving. Again, thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience.

Important Safety Note:

Under no circumstances should a Middle School student be discharged from the car anywhere except the designated drop off areas which are anywhere along the sidewalk along the front side and the front of our building. Parents may park in the parking lot during morning drop-off and afternoon pickup times but will need to exit the parking lot using the “Parent Loop.”

General Rules for All:

• Drive as far up in the lane as directed - this can reduce everyone’s wait-time significantly.

• Left lane is for passing only.

• Do not linger in drop-off/pickup areas to talk with children, parents, drivers.

• Have student’s backpacks, gear, etc. inside the car with them instead of the trunk to expedite exiting.

• Be respectful of all faculty/staff, maintenance support, security, parents, and students.

• Make it a Great Day! The choice is yours!

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Student and Family Expectations for School Based Students

1. Check your Team’s Google Site, Google Classroom, your school email, and PowerSchool daily.

2. Complete assignments, activities, and assessments by the due date. Read, watch, or listen to directions and work carefully.

3. Students are expected to bring their Chromebooks to school each day fully charged.

We strongly recommend that students follow a “normal” schedule during Remote Learning Days as much as possible, but we also understand that this may not be possible for every student, every day.

1. Students will work to complete assignments in Google Classroom; Students can access a variety of videos, lessons, templates, assignments, virtual tutorials, and other tools to support remote learning

2. Some teachers may hold “Live” lessons during their normally scheduled classes. Students should attend these lessons unless they are unable to do so.

3. Teachers have established office hours on Wednesdays when students can check-in and receive support. Students are responsible for contacting teachers if they need additional assistance to complete assignments.

Expectations for Families

Transitioning to remote and hybrid learning is a huge shift for all of us – teachers, students, and families. While we recognize that we cannot replicate the experience students would have in school if they attended in person Monday- Friday, we believe quality learning can continue if we all work together.

1. Help your student establish a daily routine. We recommend maintaining as much of a regular schedule as possible. Include time for school, meals, physical activity, and downtime.

2. Identify a working space for your student. Some students may be able to work in their bedrooms, but most will need a clear separation between work and personal time.

3. Ensure that your student has the technology tools they need. Email for support.

4. Check the Google Site used by your student’s Team and PowerSchool with your student and check these sites often.

5. Help your student reach out to teachers for support if needed. Students should use posted office hours, and email for support.

6. Encourage your student to keep in touch with friends and mentors.

7. Take care of yourself and your family!

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Student Dress Code and Backpack/Book-Bag Changes for 2020-2021

Changes in Dress Code and Use of Backpacks/Book-bags

  1. Students are permitted to wear leggings.

  2. Students are permitted to carry backpacks/book-bags during school this year due to lockers not being in use. Students are not permitted to use backpacks/book-bags with wheels.