The Article about The Articles

Author-Jasmine Skaggs

What is The Article?

The Articles of Confederation was America's first attempt at a government/constitution. It was crested weak from the fear of the citizens of the newly indepenent nation. They feared that if they had a strong government then it would turn into the monarchy they fought to be freed from. Though with this weak government came many problems.

Why the Articles were Weak

When the articles were founded the nation didn't want a strong government. For they feared that if they had an over powering government it would turn into they monarchy, or tyranny, they had just separated from. But with the weak government came many problems like separating states power.

One Major Problem

One major problem was trying to divide power over the states evenly. For example, the southern states wanted a representative branch in the government by the population count in each state (Including the slave count). ow with this proposition the norther, and/or states with a smaller population did not like this idea. Under this suggestion the smaller states would have little to no power in the new government. With this huge disagreement the person with the solution to this problem went by the name, James Madison.

Bicameral Government?

James Madison came up with an idea that compromised between the northern and the southern states. A bicameral government. This was the plan of separating the states power by assigning two senators per state, a little bit more representative power in the government. This satisfied the newly united north and south.

Rebelion Attempts?

Shay's Rebleion. The frist offical rebelion to the new governmetn was titled Shay's Rebleion. It was started when farmers were upset about enforcement of taxation collection, and debt judgements. The people who were a partof this were unhappy about the taxation, and they thought that the government would turn into a tyranny. The rebeliion was not stoped due to the weakness of the government power. The well known rebelion presentation was held on a local court house. The rebelion itself was alraming to the government, and opened the eyes of the nation as to why the weak government waold not work.

The conclusion of the Constitution

The Failure of the Articles lead to our modern day, bicameral, government. The produc was a strong government and the United States Constitution.